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In a nutshell, our company reviews cryotherapy chamber manufacturers’ engagement and transparency towards their clients. We guarantee that you are purchasing the right cryotherapy chamber for your venture at the best price. We suggest considering both costs as well as our free reviews.

Equipment review
We test the performance of whole-body cryotherapy chamber and sauna under various conditions to identify strengths & weaknesses.

Risk management
Reducing your financial risk! We assist you to take the right business decisions from the very beginning and reduce uncertainties.

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Manufacturer review
We closely monitor the following: warranty terms, provided training, maintenance services, and distributors’ markup.

Market insights
You’ve got the setup done, great! You can (and should) leverage off our experience recommending over a thousand cryotherapy machines.

About Cryo Chambers

Cryo Chambers is an engineering and consulting company dedicated to reviewing whole-body cryotherapy chambers and supporting clients to select the best equipment according to their projects’ needs.

Our selection process relies on a three-dimensional matrix:

  • Project’s specific parameters – as stated in the Cryo Form.
  • Manufacturers’ quality & service – based on manufacturer specs and our experience.
  • Relative performance – based on equipment track records in similar conditions.

We also offer Certified Cryotherapy Courses for entrepreneurs in partnership with Custorec, ProCcare & reviewed by Dr. G. Lombardi: Key opinion leader in the field of whole-body cryo (IRCCS, Milan).

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If you landed on this page then you are most likely searching for which cryotherapy machine to purchase. Every cryotherapy chamber has advantages and disadvantage. It all comes down to the type of usage that you intend, the installation parameters, and your business goals. 


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