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Buyer's Guide 2022 Machine Brokering

Buying a Cryotherapy Machine

If you landed on this page then you’re most likely searching for which cryotherapy machine to purchase. Well, every cryo chamber or sauna has advantages and disadvantage. So finding the best machine comes down to the type of usage, the installation parameters, and your business goals.

I will help you compare equipments - Asma Ait Chafaa- Co-Founder

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Here are three facts about the way we trade. First, we are fully transparent about our products and services. Next, we do not mark up prices nor sell cryotherapy equipment. Last, we do our best to help you save at every stage of your cryo business venture.

Asma Ait Chafaa
Co-Founder & Customer Satisfaction Manager

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In a nutshell, we’ve been reviewing cryotherapy machine manufacturers for the past 7 years. We continuously collect feedback from customers just like you in order to assess warranty terms, provide training, maintenance services, and distributors’ markup.