Benchmark your cryo business

Here’s how to self benchmark your cryo business. Fill the form below and you will receive national and international averages. We made sure to included a couple extra benefits as well.

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Ghizlaine Oussedik
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Revenue benchmark

Average number of sessions before the pandemic

Average number of sessions during the pandemic


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Operations benchmark

PART 3/5 

Marketing expenditure benchmark

Do you use any other platforms?

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Machine's benchmark

How did you finance it?
How would you rate your machine?

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Business information

In addition to the result of this benchmark, what advantages would you like to benefit from?We will send you an email with the offers you are interested in.

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How will I benefit?

We made sure to include extra benefits for those who complete the benchmark.

  • 1-year Cryo Studio Directory listing to increase your revenue (worth US$600)
  • 1-year membership to the Cryo Professionals Forum (worth US$840)
  • Mobile app, website, and management system for $200/month (or less)
  • Affordable machine maintenance and servicing package
  • Free posting on our marketplace to rent or sell your machine

Join the CBP Forum

We are building a true communication tool under our Cryo Professional Forum to help generate ideas & common strategies, and vote for them so we can take actions we all benefit from.

We believe cryo businesses should unite instead of compete since Cryo is a relatively new industry. There is plenty of demand out-there for every cryo business.