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Whether you want to upgrade their equipment or or have gone out of business, you have a marketplace to resell their machine.

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The challenge:selling used cryotherapy machines

Remember when you were first shopping for a cryotherapy chamber, would you have purchased a used machine? Chances are no. This is due to the lack of information one can get when buying used cryotherapy machines. 

Things didn’t change until June 2020. So if you’re reading this page, chances are you’ve been trying to sell your machine for a while but was only offered a fraction of the amount you’ve purchased it for.

The good news is we have created a dedicated marketplace and designed the Cryo Chambers Rutherford Titan (CCRT) Pack to support both buyers and sellers.

Sell It Faster With The CCRT Certification

The CCRT Certification is an examination of a machine’s condition which helps address both sellers and buyers’ concerns about used cryotherapy machines.

Included in this pack:

  • Machine full evaluation which helps sellers determine machines fair value.
  • A certificate that states the machine has gone under evaluation by a third party expert.
  • 3-year transparency for any part sold by or service performed by RT (only available in the USA). What does it mean? 

Pandemic 100% Discount for SMEs

The coronavirus has affected most of the world. In the Cryo Industry, businesses have been hit hard with no financial help until June at the earliest.

Many cryo entrepreneurs have gone out of business with little to no solution to retrieve some of the cash invested in assets.

This is why Cryo Chambers is offering free listing to Cryotherapy Studios willing to sell or rent their equipment during this time.

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