When research, knowledge, and performance collide

Cryochambers and ProCcare Partnership

As you already know, we truly value all positive initiatives that strengthen the whole body cryo community. That’s how we got to know ProCcare, and its founders, Pat & Ivo. Extremely passionate about the industry, and very eager to improve knowledge and implementation of whole body cryo.

ProCcare is a company that creates an optimal environment for cold and heat applications through educational programs and unique software solutions. Customized to every client’s personal needs.

Today, we are very happy to announce that we’re working with them, in a partnership driven by research, expertise knowledge and an independent state of mind. So, starting from now, ProCcare will write an article every month on the cryochambers.com website aiming to bridge the gap between science and practice.

Where Cryochamers.com helps to compare cryochambers cost and performance, ProCcare helps to understand how to use whole-body cryo in practice. In this way, we hope to contribute to your process of buying the right whole-body cryo device for your particular needs.

ProCcare: Customized treatment and durable performance.

ProCcare is founded by Pat Viroux (sports physical therapist) and Ivo Tiemessen (sports recovery specialist, Ph.D.).

Pat used cold and heat in his private practice from the start. He has over 25 years of experience working with international elite athletes and was a cryotherapy consultant for many sports clubs, federations, and companies.

Ivo specialized himself in applied thermophysiology and worked with elite athletes, the military and firefighters where he was consulted in various roles and projects.

In 2015 they decided to join forces with the vision to bring the care of athletes and clients to the next level by speeding up recovery and improving rehabilitation when using cold and heat.

A 5 step method to optimize safety, effectiveness, and standardization.

The use of cold and heat in (sports) practice can be captured in three domains: local cold and heat, water immersion, and whole-body cryo. With a unique 5-step method, ProCcare supports each domain by a systematic literature search, critical appraisal of the research findings, creation of best-practice protocols, customization (international pending patent), and validation.

This method aims to optimize safety, effectiveness, and standardization of effects.

ProCcare provides different products for each domain: online education, onsite and online consulting, workshops and software solutions.

The online education program on whole-body cryo, which is accredited by the National Athletic Trainer Association (NATA, USA), is accessible on the premium support page of the cryochamber.com website. Made by experienced professionals, approved by experts.

“This course has made it possible to truly understand what whole body cryo does to you. It is the knowledge behind the effects that everyone knows, but not always understands correctly. This course gives WBC business the opportunity to become more professional.”

Roderic Harm (Cryo Unit Distributor)

For validating the method, ProCcare works together with research partners like the Free University Amsterdam (Netherlands), Manchester Institute of Health and Performance (UK), Ergonsim (Germany) and Capital University of Physical Education and Sports (Beijing, China)

Together with several key opinion leaders like Dr. Giovanni Lombardi (IRSS Milan), Dr. Robin Thorpe (former head of recovery of Manchester United FC), Dr. Jessica Stephens (ACT Academy of Sport) and Dr. Mohammed Ihsan (Aspetar). All of them being reliable partners, with great insights in the cold and heat practice.

A best practice whole body cryo solution: PolarFit®Care

Haven’t you met them before? It’s possible you’ve seen them around, or have heard of them before. How? Pat & Ivo are the founders of PolarFit®Care, together with Air Products & Chemicals Inc.

PolarFit®Care is a unique, safe, and the only customized whole-body cryo solution.

This software solution was granted a medical certification in June 2017. Since then, PolarFit®Care is being used worldwide at locations like Fysiomed Amsterdam, LMS London, WeRunners Beijing, MIHP UK and Fifa medical center Dubai.

And that’s one other reason we’re very happy to work with them. They know the strengths and pitfalls of the industry, and always find a way to create the most valuable solutions to all.