The Cryo Business Professionals Forum

Welcome to the Cryotherapy Business Professionals (CBP) Forum. We’re a community of business owners, manufacturers, and service providers who intend to grow the cryo industry.

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Find first-hand Q&As

The Cryotherapy Business Professional Forum is the place where you can ask questions, find valuable information, and share your own stories.

Why the CBP Forum?

Facebook groups are nice but hard to work with. Similar questions are asked and valuable answers are diluted…

So we’ve included a powerful search bar that will help members search for topics before posting a new one.

We have organized discussions in categories such as machines, servicing & maintenance, business operations, and marketing.

Lastly we included a voting system! This helps upvote better answers and agree on common matters.

June 2020 – You can choose to receive email notifications for new topics and answers (the mobile app is coming soon).

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