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The Ultimate Cryotherapy Machine Buying Guide

Thinking about buying a cryotherapy machine? In this post, I’m sharing everything there is to know before you invest

I’ll also answer the 3 most overlooked questions in the cryotherapy industry:

  1. Are Cryotherapy Chambers and Saunas Profitable?
  2. Should You Consider Buying Used Machines?
  3. What Are The Best Cryo Machine Brands and Models?

These are the top questions but, if you’re new to cryo, I encourage you to read the full buying guide.

The buyer's guide includes reviews of the best cryotherapy machine and tips on starting your cryo business
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Before We Start

I’m sure you already know what’s cryotherapy… but do you know how it affects the body ?

Well, cryotherapy is hormetic which means that, in the right dose, it stresses the body just enough to provoke a cellular response that’s more than what’s actually needed. Simply put, it’s like the body packs extra stuff to fight whatever comes next.

By the way, Icepacks and ice-baths are also forms of cold therapy but whole-body cryotherapy happens to be a lot more efficient.

This is why a short burst of cold exposure through whole body cryotherapy can have benefits on the brain, the immune system, body composition & metabolism, exercise performance recovery and more.

If you’re looking for more details, I highly recommend listening to Dr. Rhonda Patrick’s podcast on how cryotherapy affects the body. She explains the physiologic and hormonal response of the body when exposed to cold sessions.

NB: Cryotherapy or cryogenics can have medical applications such as wart removal but that’s not the kind of cryotherapy we’re referring to in this post.

Chapter 1

Cryotherapy Machines Explained

In this first chapter, you’ll learn the basics that will help you to make an informed decision — including common misconceptions.

What’s a Cryotherapy Machine?

The term “Cryotherapy Machine” actually refers to a broad product category that includes cryotherapy chambers, cryo saunas, and localized cryotherapy units.

Cryotherapy machines are devices that produce cool air or nitrogen vapors in order to safely expose the body to extremely low temperatures.

They have multiple applications such as relieve pain, reduce inflammation, help recover faster, and improve the general wellness state of the body.

Cryotherapy machines safely 
expose the skin to extremely cold temperatures for a short period of time
The 3 Types of Cryotherapy Machines

There are 3 types of Cryo Machines: Chambers, Saunas, and Localized Units

One can classify cryogenic machines based on their technology, cooling process, features, and pricing. Still, it’s common to organize them based on their reach of the body:

  • Cryotherapy chambers reach the full body including the head and use electric heat-exchange technology.
  • Cryo sauna reach the whole body excluding the head and use liquid nitrogen technology.
  • Localized units target specific parts of the body and use either electric or nitrogen tech. 

The green and orange highlights are the most debated topics in the cryo industry. And as you may expect, every seller will defend their own technology. 

So before we move on to the second chapter, I’ve dedicated the next two titles to facts and fads about:

  • The difference between whole-body Vs. full-body machines
  • The safety and precautions related to electric/nitrogen machines.

Ready? Let’s go…

Efficiency: Whole-Body Vs. Full-Body Cryo Machines

First, I’d like to point out that our conscious level of pain or discomfort during a cryotherapy treatment is not a benchmark for the efficiency of the treatment.

There is a difference between whole-body and full-body cryotherapy machines

Now if you’ve talked to any manufacturer or resellers, chances you’ve got :

On the one hand, whole-body machine sellers claim that full-body units don’t get as cold as they should. On the other hand, full-body machine sellers claim exposing the head makes all the difference.

So What Are The Facts?

  • Clinical studies show that cryotherapy works efficiently under temperatures of -166 degrees Ferhenight (-110°C).
  • Some users prefer having their head fully submerged inside. Others find it discomforting. 
  • The more even cold distribution around the body the more pleasant the session is. You should always aim at machine that 

Our Verdict

When it comes to full-body Vs. whole-body cryotherapy, both work just fine. It’s a matter or personal preference and budget since full-body machines are pricier.

NB: I’m not a physician. This conclusion comes from my own experience running multiple cryo studios, and the feedback we’ve been collecting on CryoChambers.com for the past 7 years.

Safety Precautions

There are 3 safety notions you must know about when buying a whole-body cryotherapy equipment.

  1. The Risks of Getting Frostbites
  2. Liquid Nitrogen Precautions
  3. Electricity Vs. Nitrogen Machines Safety
There are safety precautions to consider when using a cryotherapy machine

1. The Risks of Getting Frostbites

A frostbite is an injury caused by the freezing of the skin and underlying tissues. First, your skin becomes very cold and red, then numb, hard and pale.

Frostbites occur when the skin is exposed to extreme cold for a long period of time. The risk is amplified when the skin is moist.

In order to avoid frostbites, regulate humidity levels in the room, always wear safety gear during sessions, and never exceed 3-minute sessions.

2. Liquid Nitrogen Precautions

Most our customers will ask “Is liquid nitrogen dangerous?”

Well, 78% of the air you breath while reading this post is nitrogen gas, still nitrogen may be dangerous if you don’t take simple precautions. 

Liquid nitrogen is not toxic nor inflammable. It’s simply condensed nitrogen gas at an extremely low temperature. 

Cryo saunas (whole-body) turn liquid nitrogen into gas to produce cold air as fast as possible. And while liquid nitrogen evaporates, it reduces the oxygen concentration in the air which can act as an asphyxiant, especially in confined spaces.

That’s why when working with liquid nitrogen it’s important to follow safety guidelines such as keeping an airflow at all times.

3. Electricity Vs. Nitrogen Machine Safety

Some people may argue that cryo saunas (running on nitrogen) are plain dangerous since users may breath more nitrogen that they should but I don’t agree.

For sure, electric cryogenic chambers are safer by definition since they do a better job at preventing the users from breathing too much nitrogen.

But medical contradictions still apply. And another misconception is that electric chambers can’t cause frostbites.


Yes, there are differences between electric and nitrogen cryotherapy chambers. But in the year 2022, most machines — at least the ones on our Marketplace — are safe to use. 

I mean, I have built a successful franchise business with nitrogen machines — using brands such as Impact Cryo and CryoTech Nordic. And other nitrogen machines such as the Recovery XR have been featured on Ellen’s TV show.

Chapter 2

Comparing Cryotherapy Chambers, Cryo Saunas, And Localized Cryotherapy Units

In this second chapter, we help you learn the difference between cryotherapy machines: chambers, saunas, and localized unit.

Cryotherapy Chambers

A cryotherapy chamber — also called cryogenic chamber — looks like a giant fridge from the future where you walk in.

Cryotherapy chambers are a sub-category of cryotherapy machines
How it looks like inside a cryotherapy chamber

Main Characteristics

  • Air-cooled rooms where you walk-in.
  • Target the full body including head.
  • Run on electric heat exchange technology.
  • Cost from from $75,000 to $280,000.

Pros +

Highest Standards

Chambers are the gold standard because there’s a premium feel to it. It’s particularly popular with high end spas and professional sports club in Europe and the United States.


Cryo chambers have more room than saunas. Most will allow users to walk while enjoying their session. In fact, some chambers feature such large spaces that you can fit a group of 4 in it.

Cold air

Electric chambers are safer than a cryo saunas by definition since they do not use nitrogen. They use electric heat exchange technology to produce “cold air” that you can breathe in safely. (It does not mean that others are dangerous)

Cons −

Manufacturer Dependency

The installation and maintenance requires the intervention of the manufacturer or an extremely skilled engineer. Therefore, if you don’t want to be tied and can’t secure long lease terms, a cryo chamber is definitely not for you and you can skip to the next category.

Expensive To Buy

While nitrogen powered chambers start at $75,000, electric ones cost from $100,000 to $280,000. In fact an electric chamber cost 3 to 6 times the price of an entry-level cryo sauna.

Not As Cold

Some manufacturers may argue that electric chambers don’t feel as cold as their nitrogen counterparts because they don’t reach the same temperatures. Even if it’s technically true, I don’t feel that the difference in temperature makes a difference at all.

Hard To Sell

Since 2014, we never came across a buyer seeking second-hand electric chambers. The risk of relocating such a piece of equipment without a guarantee from the seller can be high. And it’s harder to secure a loan when buying used.

Cryotherapy (Cryo) Saunas

A cryo sauna looks like 3/4 of a fridge, also from future, where you stand tall and wait for 3 minutes.

Cryo saunas are a type of cryotherapy machines
Cryo sauna machines don't reach the head

Main Characteristics

  • Neck high tubes where you stand used.
  • Target the whole body excluding the head.
  • Run on liquid nitrogen tanks.
  • Cost from from $39,000 to $61,000.

These single person units have improved a lot during the past 5 years becoming safer and more efficient than ever.

Pros +

Affordable price

Cryo saunas are a lot more accessible to purchase. A top tier unit cost between $45,000 and $60,000 — about half the price of an average chamber. You can even buy one at 70 to 80% of it’s retail value from our certified second-hand machine marketplace.

Cold vapors

People may not agree with me but from a user point of view, I think that the coolest thing about a these is the very fact that it runs on nitrogen. Yes, I said that nitrogen is cool! And what users love about it is that super dense nitrogen vapor.

“If you had a session in a a cold nitrogen sauna, you know that feeling when you’re about to have a session. The operator opens the door… and pshhhhh, so much cold vapor in the room! Your adrenaline level spikes and you know you’re about to experience something special…

But it doesn’t stop there, right? Stepping out of the sauna with all that white vapor and adrenaline pump, you feel pumped up and nothing less than Iron man in his suit. Or at least I do.”

Out of The Box

Saunas are easily moved stored. You can relocated in hours. Which can be a great addition to your service offering. And if business doesn’t boom, they’ll be a lot easier to sell than any chamber.

Cons −

LN2 Operations

The biggest drawback about cryo saunas is operating with nitrogen. What I mean is that you must plan your entire workflow accordingly in order to achieve smooth business operations and increase ROI.

For instance, unless you have a conveniently located store, nitrogen deliveries can become a challenge because nitrogen tank can be noisy for your neighbors and clients.

Another example is to open bookings for specific hours of the day and pack clients’ sessions within that specific timeframe. This will result in very low nitrogen consumption which reflects directly on your ROI and nitrogen supply chain.

We help you compare liquid nitrogen and electric cryotherapy machines

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Localized Units (Cryo Facial Machines)

Localized cryotherapy units are used locally on the face, muscles, and joints to manage pain, inflammation, and puffiness.

Localized cryo units are portable devices
Localized cryo unit target specific parts of the body

Main Characteristics

  • Small devices with base and a hose.
  • Target specific areas of the body.
  • Either electricity or liquid nitrogen.
  • Cost from from $7,500 to $18,000.

Pros +

Smooth, Gentle Sessions

A localized machine is a lot more “gentle” on the user that its bigger counterparts. If you’re planning on offering cryo facials in a beauty salon, work mostly with elders, or specialize in physiotherapy then this is definitely a machine that will suit you best.

Cons −

Lacks The Adrenaline Rush

Unless you’re very receptive to cold temperature, you won’t feel the rejuvenating and invigorating sensations that we all seek in a cryotherapy sessions.

If you’re catering to sport professionals or young adults, I would recommend getting a WBC or FBC machine first, then add a localized unit if you have the budget.

Chapter 3

Cryo Machine Financing

In this third chapter, we discuss everything related to the cost of owning a cryotherapy machine.

Are Cryotherapy Machines Profitable

As cryotherapy machine consultants, our customers continuously seek machine comparison from us but rarely ask for help assessing the opportunity ahead. Well, we do it anyway which results in 75% of our paying customers not investing in cryotherapy 🙂

So writing this new edition of the buying guide, I wanted to answer the most overlooked question in the industry: Should You Invest In A Cryotherapy Machine? And Do You Have The Required Resources To Succeed? 

That’s a really tough question to answer for any manufacturer because the answer simply doesn’t involve hardware. What I mean is the brand and model of the machine won’t make any difference if you don’t meet the following requirements:

  1. A Strategic Location
    Keep in mind that cryotherapy sessions are only 3-minute long. So customers won’t commute an hour back-and-forth for 3-minute sessions! Your store can be tiny but it must be located to wherever your customers’ points of interest.
  2. A marketing strategy
    This start by a clear plan to generate leads whether online ads or partnerships… and you’ll also need a service offering to retain customers. No matter how confident you are, it’s extremely important to plan marketing.
  3. Enough Budget
    Your launch campaign may cost you as over $5,000. And marketing expenditure can run you dry quickly as you’ll need to spend at least 1,500$ every month on advertising. Moreover, it can take months to build a customer base so you might need to survive on your own savings during that first year.
  4. Your Involvement
    We’ve run a study back in 2020 and it clearly shows that entrepreneurs running operations on a day-to-day basis have much higher rates of success than the ones who delegate daily operations. Plan and simple.

Why Machines Don’t Matter When It Comes To Profitability?

Some machines, especially the hybrid ones, have a hight running cost than nitrogen and electric machines which will make it harder to break even.

But if you have any experience running a cryotherapy center then you know that customers won’t care about the brand of the machine. What they care about is to enjoy safe cold sessions in a warm environment at an affordable price!

It Should Be About Your Business!

To sum, it’s your business that should be profitable, not the machine. If you have the right setup and enough ressources to sustain your business goals, then yes you should invest in cryotherapy. 

Should You Consider Buying Used Machines?

Buying a brand new cryotherapy machine is always more appealing, but the cost of brand new cryogenic chambers can be substantial.

In fact, if you’re on a budget and look at the numbers, you may feel that buying used machines could help you save cash that’s needed for marketing and operational expenses.

If Your Budget For The Entire Venture Is Less Than $100k Then You Should Consider Second-Hand Machines

For years, buying a used cryo sauna required more dedicated research time because there were a number of things that potential buyers had to learn to ensure they were making a good investment.

You had to find out its current value, guess its condition and what kind of maintenance it requires. Then you needed to learn a bit about the person or company selling the machine in order to assess whether you should buy from them or not. But those days are long gone!

Buying Used Machines Used To Be Risky, But Not Anymore!

Today, research is a lot easier and far less time consuming because you can simply browse our used machine section.

We also launched the CCRT Certification back in 2019 which is a certification of used machines conditions. The cost is bared by sellers and guarantees machines’ condition to buyers — From parts to capitalized future repair cost.

If your budget is under $40k for the machine or $100k for the entire venture then consider second-hand machines from our marketplace.

Buying New Machines Also Has Its Own Advantages

While the benefits of purchasing a used chamber has definitely changed over the last years, there are still a few things that give new cryogenic chambers and saunas advantage for would-be-buyers.

First, you’ve got a lot longer before you are likely to start needing repairs. The technology is constantly being improved, and that means the newer models have longer lives than older models.

Second, if you do have any problems with your chamber, you can get it fixed for free because they all have a manufacturer warranty.

And last, you may be able to get a much better interest rate for loans since they want to incentivize people to buy new.

The Best Cryotherapy Machines On The Market

When comparing the best cryotherapy machines, every manufacturer may claim their unit features the latest technology and that it’s more efficient than any other. But that’s just a sales-pitch.

Cryotherapy is not a one-size fits all industry. And every machine has its own set of advantages and disadvantages.

That is why we’ve rounded up the best cryo machines into 5 different categories based on different business applications. 

The Everest Peak

Best cryo chamber under $100k

The Peak is one of the best cryotherapy chambers

The Everest is a very unique cryotherapy chamber. Using the latest technological advances, each part of this machine focuses on safety, efficiency, and effectiveness.

Reasons To Buy +
  • Most affordable electric cryo chamber you can buy
  • Great insurance & maintenance policy (for $1,500/month extra ?)
Reasons To Avoid –
  • New brand on the market. No one has really tested it for more than a year.
  • Not as cold as its competitors

One of the newest products from CryoBuilt, the Everest lives up to what you would expect from the manufacturer with a more affordable price tag. The most basic models start at $90,000 and offer several very flexible payment plans if needed. As a single-room chamber with a 4.6” x3’ footprint, you have everything you need for effective treatment with this device.

More Details Request A Quote

The Recovery XR

Best heavy-duty cryotherapy machine

Cryo sauna machines don't reach the head

The XR Thermal Edition is one of the safest, most technically advanced cryo sauna currently available on the market. Manufactured in the USA, it is designed so you can focus on your clients instead of worrying about the chamber.

Reasons To Buy +
  • Heavy duty build and made to last
  • Can fit in a truck
Reasons To Avoid –
  • Using pads for elevation may be irritating during operations 
  • One of the most expensive cryo saunas 

Once thing is sure, the Recovery XR from Cryo Innovations is built for commercial use. Making it the perfect solution for businesses who wants to add cryotherapy to their revenue streams. There are many reasons you should choose this unit and we have highlighted few of them.

More Details Request A Quote

Zimmer IceLab

Best multi-user cryotherapy chamber

Mecotec builds one of the best chambers in the market

In the cryotherapy world Zimmer is the holy grail. It offers an experience like no others, and has been built around the world of major professional sport leagues and leading rehabilitation facilities.

Reasons To Buy +
  • Can process up to 4 sessions at once
  • Premium experience for high-end locations
Reasons To Avoid –
  • Expensive to buy and maintain
  • Nearly impossible to find second-hand buyers

Zimmer has given meticulous attention to user sensitivities in the IceLab through the selection of precious woods and colors. The operator can use voice communication to relax the user during the treatment or broadcast music directly from a hone/iPod docking stations.

More Details Request A Quote

The Cryomed One

Most affordable cryo machine

This isn't the best looking cryo sauna but it's a great choice if you're on budget

The One’s compact size is 20 to 50% cheaper to buy than any other sauna. This model is compatible with both pressurized and non-pressurized nitrogen tanks which give you more flexibility over nitrogen feed options.

Reasons To Buy +
  • Most affordable whole-body machine you can buy
  • Can fit anywhere with the smallest footprint and height
Reasons To Avoid –
  • Design lacks originality. Looks like a tall oil barrel
  • Little to no support from the manufacturer has been reported

The One is the perfect model to buy if you don’t have the budget. Booth its strengths and weaknesses comes from the tiny interior.

Full Specs & Pricing Call Me

How To Choose The Right Model For Your Budget?

All models cited in this article are safe and efficient. More importantly, they have a proven track record of being reliable — consistently delivering  sessions without breaking appart.

If you’re looking for movability then  sticking with a nitrogen cryo sauna is best for you. On the other hand, A multi-room electric cryotherapy chamber cannot be moved but it allows you to provide multiple sessions at the same time.

Warranty is extremely important when buying cryo machines. From our experience, the servicing quality very much depends on your localisation and how well it is deserved by the supplier. 

Finally comes pricing. Most customers prefer buying brand new but when budget is tight we’ll advise to purchase certified second-hand units or leasing it.

Regardless of the condition and price of the equipment, you should do your research on the manufacturer and make sure the model you like is reliable. Alternatively, you may use our Free Cryotherapy Machine Finder Tool.

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