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The Ultimate Cryotherapy Machine and Chamber Buyer's Guide

In this post, you’ll learn everything you need to know before buying a cryotherapy machine (also called cryotherapy chamber).

In this 2023 edition, we’ve update our buying guide to reflect the introduction of latest cooling technologies and their impact on every aspect of the cryotherapy equipment market.

I will also provide answers to the top 3 most commonly asked questions regarding cryo machines:

  1. Which are the best cryo machine brands and models?
  2. Are cryotherapy chambers profitable?
  3. Should you consider buying used equipment?

These are the top questions, but if you’re seriously interested in cryo, I encourage you to read the full buying guide.

NB: While cryotherapy can have specific medical applications, such as wart removal, in this guide, we are referring to whole-body cryotherapy.

Cryotherapy Machines Explained

Cryotherapy has been around for centuries, and until the 1980s, whole-body cryotherapy consisted mainly of ice bathing. In this practice, users immerse themselves in nearly frozen waters to get the cold benefits.

Tough right?

Young man demonstrating how cryotherapy machines makes cold therapy more enjoyable than traditional ice-bathing.

Today, the best cryotherapy machines use the latest technology and advancements to mimic ice bathing. This makes cold therapy more effective and enjoyable for everyone.

In this first section, we’ll start by explaining cryotherapy chambers and how these machines work. Then, you’ll learn how to differentiate various cryotherapy chambers based on their structure, cooling technology, temperature control, and features.

User can enjoy pleasant cold therapy sessions thanks to cryotherapy machines

What Is a Cryotherapy Machine?

A cryotherapy machine — or cryotherapy chamber — is a large device that produces cool air to safely expose the body to freezing temperatures.

The user is typically exposed to this super-cooled dry air for short periods of time. Each session is typically under three minutes.

There are many types of cryotherapy machines that can be classified based on their structure (design), cooling technology, temperature control process, and features.


Cryotherapy sessions are hormetic which means that, in the correct dose, it stresses the body just enough to provoke a cellular response that’s more than what’s needed for your body to function. Simply put, the body prepares itself to fight whatever is coming.

Therefore, a short burst of cold exposure through whole-body cryotherapy can benefit the brain, the immune system, body composition and metabolism, exercise performance recovery, and more.

For more details about cryotherapy benefits, I highly recommend listening to Dr. Rhonda Patrick’s podcast on how cryotherapy affects the body. She explains the physiologic and hormonal responses of the body when it is exposed to cold in this way.

The main difference between whole-body and full-body cryotherapy chambers is that full-body machines target the head.

Structure: The Difference Between Whole-Body and Full-Body Cryo Chambers

You can find two types of cryotherapy machine structures: whole-body and full-body chambers.

  • Whole-body machines are shaped like large refrigerators where the user stands upright with their head remaining outside at the top.
  • Full-body chambers look like a small room where the user is fully inside the machine, including their head — like a sauna, but cold instead of hot.

Research studies suggest that both whole-body and full-body cryotherapy machines are equally effective.

Therefore, including your head in a cryotherapy session doesn’t provide any additional benefit. While some users may prefer to include their heads, most find it uncomfortable. Ultimately, the choice comes down to personal preference.

Some cryo machines require storing liquid nitrogen in large tanks

Cooling Technology: How Nitrogen Compares to Electric Cryotherapy Chambers

There are many differences between electric and nitrogen cryotherapy chambers.

Nitrogen cryotherapy machines are low-tech machines and easy to build. They consist of cryogenic pipes and valves with few electronic parts to control the machine. It works by turning liquid nitrogen into gas and pushing it through the pipes in the cryo chamber.

On the other hand, electric cryotherapy machines are higher technology. They use cooling agents and heavy-duty heat exchangers to compress air and trigger a decrease in temperature. Then they blow the cooled air into the chambers thanks to powerful fans. Electric chambers are more expensive at the time of purchase but are safer and easier to operate.

That’s why, for the past 20 years, nitrogen chambers have dominated the market thanks to lower prices and maintenance costs. However, they are losing market share to electric machines due to the risks and operational challenges associated with liquid nitrogen.

Temperature Control: How the Best Chambers Safely Cool the Skin

You may have encountered cryotherapy machine ads claiming to put out temperatures of -230°F or lower. But don’t be fooled!

Some manufacturers have found sneaky ways to promote their machines as being able to produce the coldest sessions possible. While this does help them stand out from competitors, it’s misleading.

They simply designed their equipment to measure temperatures at the cold air outlet instead of around the body.

No pain, no gain, right? Well, not really.

This practice makes the temperature readings irrelevant and dangerous for users. Since the machine doesn’t monitor skin temperature, it can’t adjust and stop lowering the temperature effectively.

Newer Cryotherapy Chambers Adjust The Temperature While Scanning the Skin.

The body’s pain sensors are deeper into the skin than cold receptors, which stop registering temperatures a few degrees before 0°F. Therefore, the level of pain or discomfort during a cryotherapy session is not a benchmark for the session’s efficiency.

In other words, cryotherapy chambers— or cryotherapy machines — work effectively by lowering the skin temperature by 10, 20, or 30 percent.

But every person’s body reacts differently to cold.

For example, some people need a 1-minute cryotherapy session at -80°F to lower skin temperature by 10%, while another person may require -160°F for 3 minutes.

That’s why the best cryotherapy chambers measure the skin temperature in different areas and adjust the cold air diffusion in real-time. This provides a personalized and consistent session for each unique user.

Comparing the Four Types of Cryo Machines

Welcome to the second section of our guide. Here, we will be discussing the four types of cryotherapy machines currently available on the market, listed in the order they were introduced:

  1. Whole-body Machines powered by nitrogen
  2. Full-body machines powered by electricity
  3. Full-body machines powered by nitrogen
  4. Whole-body machines powered by electricity

By the end of this section, you will better understand the differences between each type of machine and the technology that powers them.

Nitrogen powered, whole-body cryotherapy chamber require users to keep the head outside in order to avoid breathing nitrogen gases

Whole-Body Machines Powered by Nitrogen

A whole-body cryotherapy machine looks like 3/4 of a fridge from the future where you stand tall, poke your head out of the top, and wait for 3 minutes.

While these machines are cheaper to purchase, they come with safety issues, are expensive to run, and are the most challenging to operate.

Main Characteristics

  • Neck-high tubes where the user stands.
  • Target the whole body, excluding the head.
  • Run on liquid nitrogen.
  • Cost from $39,000 to $61,000.


  • Cheapest to acquire.
  • Low maintenance cost.
  • Small footprint.


  • The highest risk of nausea, dizziness, and asphyxia due to nitrogen.
  • Expensive to run.
  • Challenging nitrogen supply and handling.

Considerations for Investing in Whole-Body Cryotherapy Machines Powered by Nitrogen

In conclusion, whole-body cryotherapy machines powered by nitrogen offer a relatively affordable and compact option for those seeking cryotherapy treatment.

However, they also come with safety concerns, high operational costs, and require proper handling and maintenance of the nitrogen supply.

It’s important to weigh the pros and cons carefully before investing in this type of machine.

Entering a electric cryotherapy chamber is like walking into a room.

Full-Body Machines Powered by Electricity

Electric cryotherapy chambers were introduced to the market in 2005. These look like giant refrigerators from the future. They solved the safety issue by replacing nitrogen with electric heat exchangers.

Still, electric chambers are less popular because of their high acquisition and maintenance costs. They come with a significant dependency on manufacturers for maintenance and relocation and are also difficult to resell.

Main Characteristics

  • Walk-in air-cooled rooms.
  • Target the full body, including the head.
  • Run on electric power.
  • Cost from $110,000 to $280,000.


  • Safer than whole-body nitrogen machines.
  • It can fit up to three people simultaneously.


  • Most expensive to acquire.
  • Somewhat expensive to run.
  • Bulky.

Electric Full-Body Cryotherapy Chambers: A Safer Option with High Costs

In conclusion, electric cryotherapy chambers are a safer alternative to whole-body nitrogen machines, as they run on electric power and eliminate the risks associated with nitrogen.

However, their high acquisition and maintenance costs, as well as their bulky size, make them less popular than their nitrogen counterparts.

Despite the ability to fit multiple people at once, the cost of operation may also be a concern for potential buyers.

Full-body cryo machine powered by nitrogen still require safety measures to store nitrogen

Full-Body Machines Powered by Nitrogen

These hybrid machines use both nitrogen and electricity. They first came out in 2015 to bring together the best of two worlds. In a hybrid chamber, nitrogen vapors do not come into contact with the user, which makes them safer by design.

Unfortunately, hybrid machines require over 15L of liquid nitrogen to cool the chamber, and most businesses find it challenging to break even with these machines.

Main Characteristics

  • Walk-in air-cooled rooms.
  • Target the full body, including the head.
  • Run on nitrogen and electric power.
  • Cost from $70,000 to $90,000.


  • Low maintenance cost.


  • Expensive to acquire.
  • High running cost.
  • Risk of nausea, dizziness, and asphyxia due to nitrogen.
  • Challenging nitrogen supply and handling.

Hybrid Whole-Body Cryotherapy Machines: A Costly and Challenging Investment

In conclusion, hybrid machines that use both nitrogen and electricity to provide whole-body cryotherapy were introduced in 2015 to combine the benefits of both worlds.

Although these machines offer a safer experience for users since nitrogen vapors do not come into contact with them, the high cost of acquisition and running and the potential health risks associated with nitrogen make it challenging for most businesses to break even with them.

While low maintenance cost is a significant advantage, the challenging nitrogen supply and handling may outweigh the benefits for some businesses.

One advantage of whole-body electric machines is that they can be self operated

Whole-Body Machines Powered by Electricity

First commercialized in late 2022, electric whole-body cryotherapy chambers made other machines, such as hybrids, obsolete!

These new chambers combine the versatility of whole-body machines and the safety of electric cryotherapy chambers. They have minimal footprints and only require a standard power outlet. They are also highly efficient, making their operating costs the lowest on the market — potentially saving over $3,000 per month in running costs.

We recommend this type of machine to most of our clients because the lower running cost improves their bottom line while being extremely safe.

Main Characteristics

  • Neck-high tubes where the user stands.
  • Target the whole body.
  • Run on electric power.
  • Cost from $79,000 to $85,000.


  • Lowest running cost among all types
    Low maintenance cost
  •  Safer
  • Small footprint
  • Plug and play


  • Somewhat expensive to buy

Electric Whole-Body Cryotherapy Chambers: A Safe and Cost-Effective Option for Business Owners

In conclusion, electric whole-body cryotherapy chambers have revolutionized the market by combining the versatility of whole-body machines and the safety of electric cryotherapy chambers.

Their highly efficient and low-cost operation makes them an attractive option for many businesses, potentially saving them over $3,000 per month in running costs.

While the initial cost may be somewhat expensive, the benefits of low maintenance costs and improved bottom lines make them a recommended option for most clients.

The Best Cryotherapy Machines in 2023

When comparing the best cryotherapy machines, every manufacturer will claim their unit features the latest technology and is more efficient than any other. They will downplay their shortcomings while highlighting the shortcomings of other brands. But really it comes down to a buyer’s specific needs.

Cryotherapy machines are not a one-size-fits-all type of equipment.

Every machine has its own set of advantages and disadvantages. So without further due, let’s look at the best cryotherapy chambers by category.

Best Machine Overall:
The E Cabin from Cryotech Nordic

The E-cabin entered the market in 2022 with a splash thanks to its impressive tech. What sets the E Cabin apart is its real-time monitoring of the user’s skin temperature, reactive cooling distribution, and easy controls to ensure a safe, consistent, and pleasant user experience.

  • Price: $79,900 [With Best Price Guarantee]
  • Structure: Whole-body
  • Cooling Tech: Electric
  • Made in: Finland, EU

The E Cabin is the best machine for businesses wanting to extend their offering or those desiring a cryotherapy machine at home.

Offering Unique and Personalized Cryotherapy Sessions

In conclusion, the E Cabin is an excellent option for businesses looking to expand their offerings or for individuals seeking a cryotherapy machine for personal use at home. 

This whole-body cryotherapy machine is made in Finland, EU, and uses electric cooling technology. Its unique features, such as real-time monitoring of skin temperature and reactive cooling distribution, ensure a safe and pleasant user experience. 

To learn more about the E Cabin, read the full review and ratings or request the latest price update.

To learn more, read the full F Cabin review or contact us to request our latest price update.

Best Budget-Friendly Machine:
The Recovery XR

The Cryo Innovations Recovery XR cryotherapy sauna is among the best-selling nitrogen chambers out there. 

The Recovery XR has no defrosting time, so businesses may run many sessions in a row without having to worry about pauses or malfunctions. The Cryo Innovations XR uses about 6–8 liters of liquid nitrogen per session when the standard is 9.

  • Price: $59,000
  • Cooling tech: Nitrogen
  • Structure: Whole-body
  • Made in: USA

In conclusion, the Cryo Innovations Recovery XR cryotherapy sauna is a top-performing nitrogen chamber that boasts a whole-body cooling tech and a price tag of $59,000.

It is proudly made in the USA and offers the added benefit of no defrosting time, allowing businesses to run multiple sessions without interruptions. Additionally, it uses less liquid nitrogen per session than the industry standard, making it an attractive option for those looking to save on costs.

Overall, the Recovery XR is a reliable and efficient cryotherapy solution that has earned its spot as one of the best-selling nitrogen chambers on the market.

To learn more, read the full Recovery XR review or request our latest price update.

Best Machine for High-Intensity Usage:
The Cryo Air Multi+

In the world of whole-body cryotherapy for professional sports teams, the Cryo Air Multi+ from Mecotec is the holy grail. Mecotec built this machine around professional sports leagues and rehabilitation facilities.

The Multi+ allows busy training facilities to provide up to three sessions simultaneously and offers continuous operation with no downtime. This means you can provide service for 30 users in as little as 10 to 15 minutes!

  • Price: $160,000
  • Cooling tech: Electric
  • Structure: Full-body
  • Made in: Germany

In conclusion, the Cryo Air Multi+ from Mecotec is a top-of-the-line whole-body cryotherapy machine specifically designed for professional sports teams and rehabilitation facilities.

Its unique features, such as electric cooling technology, full-body structure, and the ability to provide up to three sessions simultaneously with continuous operation, make it an excellent investment for busy training facilities.

With a price tag of $160,000 and made in Germany, the Cryo Air Multi+ is the holy grail of cryotherapy machines in the sports industry.

To learn more, read the full Cryo Air Multi+ review or contact us to request our latest price update.

Finance, budgets, and profitability

With the global market expected to generate nearly $6 billion annually by 2025, it’s easy to see why many entrepreneurs are looking to cash in on this trend.

Before jumping in, you have to ask yourself whether investing in cryotherapy chambers is a profitable business venture.

You should also think about all the different factors that go into running a successful cryotherapy business.

In this section, we will explore the growth and profitability of the cryotherapy market and provide insights into the benefits and risks of purchasing used cryotherapy machines.

You can always chat with one of our experts for better clarification.

Are Cryotherapy Chambers profitable?

The cold therapy market is experiencing a surge of growth in the US, with Europe, Asia, and Oceania also showing promising potential. According to market research, the global market for cryotherapy is expected to generate nearly six billion dollars in annual revenue by 2025, fueled by the growing interest in wellness, health consciousness, and non-invasive treatments.

In response to the increasing demand, over 500 new cryotherapy locations are established each year, with cryotherapy machines gaining popularity in the wellness, fitness, and beauty industries.

Recent technological advancements in whole-body cryotherapy have made electric chambers more affordable, enabling businesses to potentially earn fast profits. In fact, it’s estimated that incorporating whole-body cryotherapy could bring in an additional $30,000 per month.

However, the cost of a cryotherapy chamber can be substantial and the profitability is subject to various factors, including sufficient resources for operations and marketing.

Our Cryotherapy Business Consulting service has shown that 57% of our website visitors who express interest in investing in whole-body cryotherapy machines ultimately decide not to due to their lack of resources.

Not every market or business is suitable for cryotherapy, as it requires careful consideration and planning.

If you’re interested in starting a cryotherapy business, we encourage you to seek guidance from our experts in order to evaluate your options and assess your readiness for the venture.

The Bottom Line on Cryo Machines: A Lucrative Opportunity, but Not Without Risks

In conclusion, cryotherapy chambers have proven to be a lucrative business opportunity for those with the right resources and market.

However, the decision to invest in a cryotherapy machine should be made after careful consideration of various factors, including the financial investment required and the suitability of the business in your specific market.

Seeking guidance from an expert in the field can provide valuable insights and help you decide whether cryotherapy is the right business venture for you.

When on a budget, ask yourself whether you should invest in used cryo machines

Should You Consider Buying Used Machines?

Buying a brand-new cryotherapy machine is always more appealing. Still, the price of brand new chambers can be substantial. If you’re on a budget and look at the numbers, buying used machines could help you save cash for marketing and operational expenses. You can always upgrade at a later stage.

Buying Used Cryotherapy Chambers Used to be Risky, but Not Anymore!

For years, buying used cryotherapy machines required more dedicated research time because there were many things that potential buyers had to learn to ensure they were making a good investment.

You had to find out the chamber’s current value, guess its condition, and the kind of maintenance it would need to operate safely. Then you had to learn about the person or company selling the machine to assess whether you should buy from them. But those days are long gone!

Nowadays, researching used machines is much easier and far less time-consuming. Simply browse our used-machine section and find all the information at your fingertips. On top of that, we launched our Used-Condition Certification (UCC), which helps buyers navigate the offers on our website with more confidence.

When Should You Buy Used Cryotherapy Machines?

As a rule of thumb, we recommend second-hand machines if your budget for acquiring the machine is under $50,000.

If you can’t afford the latest electric models, consider purchasing a used nitrogen chamber.

This is an excellent option for new businesses because devaluation hits nitrogen-based models hard; they lose as much as 50% of their value within the first year!

While the former owner impacts the depreciation, you can buy a used machine and test your market at a fraction of the cost of buying a new one.

The three models we like to carry the most in our stock — both for their build quality and spare part availability — are the Arctic, Recovery XR, and Impact.

Check our current stock of used cryotherapy machines.

How to get the best deals

Ready to buy a cryotherapy machine? Most of our deals are already priced lower than the competition.

But if you find a lower price for the same deal elsewhere, we’ll gladly match it.

We offer a thirty-day price match guarantee. This means if you find a lower price for the same product within thirty days of placing your order, we will reimburse the difference.

To get started, visit our Machine Finder page, where you can fill out a quick form to help us learn more about your specific needs.

Our team will review your submission, then send you our recommendations and quote.

And if you buy from us, you’ll also benefit from our partner network to help get your name out there. This includes preferential pricing for website creation, SEO, and other advertising lead generation services.

Takeaways before you invest

Electric cryotherapy chambers are generally considered safer than liquid nitrogen ones due to their precise temperature control, reduced risk of burns, suitability for patients with certain medical conditions, and no nitrogen-inhalation risk.

The latest generation of electric machines combines the advantages of whole-body nitrogen and full-body electric devices. If the newest generation of equipment is out of budget, purchase used nitrogen machines since they quickly drop in value.

Buying a cryotherapy machine can be tricky, and building a successful cryotherapy business is challenging. Take the time to make a sound business plan and have sufficient resources to execute it. 

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  • Get a complete understanding of the cryotherapy industry and the opportunities ahead.

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