What Are The Safest Cryotherapy Chambers and Saunas In 2021?

Here’s a fact: When comparing cryotherapy machines, every manufacturer will claim their unit features the best technology and any other choice isn’t as safe nor efficient.

That’s a sales-pitch to scare you away form other manufacturers.

This is not a one-size fits all industry. And that is why we have top picks, but not every business looks for the same features.

For example, many of our customers look for versatility and movability, so that means sticking with a nitrogen cryo sauna such as the XR or Pro. Others favor the ability to provide multiple sessions at the same time, which is only possible with an electric chamber. Then there are price considerations.

So you’ll want to pick a different machine depending on your budget, business model and financing options.

The Best Cryotherapy Chambers & Saunas You Can Buy In 2021:

  • Best electric chamber under $100k: The Everest Peak
  • Best heavy-duty cryo sauna: The Recovery XR
  • Best multi-room chamber: The Mecotec Air+
  • Best nitrogen chamber: The Cryo Arctic
  • Best affordable cryo sauna: The Cryomed One

All these machines are safe and efficient. More importantly, they have a proven track record of being reliable — consistently delivering  sessions without breaking appart.

The Peak is one of the best cryotherapy chambers


Best Chamber Under $100k: The Everest Peak

The Everest is a very unique cryotherapy chamber. Using the latest technological advances, each part of this machine focuses on safety, efficiency, and effectiveness.

Reasons To Buy +
  • Most affordable electric chamber you can buy
  • Great insurance & maintenance policy (for $1,500/month extra ?)
Reasons To Avoid –
  • New brand on the market. No one has really tested it for more than a year.
  • Not as cold as its competitors

One of the newest products from CryoBuilt, the Everest lives up to what you would expect from the manufacturer with a more affordable price tag. The most basic models start at $90,000 and offer several very flexible payment plans if needed. As a single-room chamber with a 4.6” x3’ footprint, you have everything you need for effective treatment with this device.

Cryo sauna machines don't reach the head

Best Heavy-Duty CryoSauna: The Recovery XR

The XR Thermal Edition is one of the safest, most technically advanced cryo sauna currently available on the market. Manufactured in the USA, it is designed so you can focus on your clients instead of worrying about the chamber.

Reasons To Buy +
  • Heavy duty build and made to last
  • Can fit in a truck
Reasons To Avoid –
  • Using pads for elevation may be irritating during operations 
  • One of the most expensive cryo saunas 

Once thing is sure, the Recovery XR from Cryo Innovations is built for commercial use. Making it the perfect solution for businesses who wants to add cryotherapy to their revenue streams. There are many reasons you should choose this unit and we have highlighted few of them.

Mecotec builds one of the best chambers in the market

Best Multi-User: The Mecotec Air+

In the cryotherapy world Mecotec is the holy grail. It offers an experience like no others, and has been built around the world of major professional sport leagues and leading rehabilitation facilities.

Reasons To Buy +
  • Can process up to 4 sessions at once
  • Premium experience for high-end locations
Reasons To Avoid –
  • Expensive to buy and maintain
  • Nearly impossible to find second-hand buyers

Mecotec has given meticulous attention to user sensitivities in the Ait+ through the selection of precious woods and colors. The operator can use voice communication to relax the user during the treatment or broadcast music directly from a hone/iPod docking stations.

This isn't the best looking cryo sauna but it's a great choice if you're on budget

Most Affordable Sauna: The Cryomed One

The One’s compact size is 20 to 50% cheaper to buy than any other sauna. This model is compatible with both pressurized and non-pressurized nitrogen tanks which give you more flexibility over nitrogen feed options.

Reasons To Buy +
  • Most affordable whole-body machine you can buy
  • Can fit anywhere with the smallest footprint and height
Reasons To Avoid –
  • Design lacks originality. Looks like a tall oil barrel
  • Little to no support from the manufacturer has been reported

The One is the perfect model to buy if you don’t have the budget. Booth its strengths and weaknesses comes from the tiny interior.