The Story of Cryo Chambers

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Free cryotherapy machine comparison & industry insights

One of the most common questions we get by email is “Why are you giving away so much information? What do you actually sell?”. So I thought I would make a blog post about it.

The reason is related to my own experience setting up one of the early cryotherapy studio franchise — Polaris. Therefore, I will have to share some background about my business. 


Back in 2012, I started one of the early cryotherapy business franchise. We’ve had a variety of clients such as football teams, stars, and world boxing champions. One of our studios was even nominated for Best Asia!

Our franchise grew quickly thanks to the different types of structures we were offering: Cryo Studio, Express Cryo, and Revenue Sharing.

so that was for the good part. On the operational side …

I still remember struggling to learn the difference between nitrogen and electric cryotherapy machines or how whole-body is different from full-body cryotherapy. It was impossible to compare machines because manufacturers had contradictory claims based on “facts” or “studies” that I could not verify. 

We purchased 11 machines from three different manufacturers but all performed differently. My team had to deal with various equipment flows, breakdowns, and limitations.

We conducted further research and came to the conclusion that a single piece of equipment cannot satisfy the operational needs of every cryotherapy business. Some work better than others depending on the type of installation, usage, and other variables such as humidity.

Our business model is transparent:

  • We do not markup nor sell equipment. 
  • We provide free cryotherapy business guidance.
  • We offer the best price guarantee and financing support for a premium.

My team and I drafted the buyer’s guide, put together an equipment comparator, and partnered with leasing companies for the financing calculator. Our tools are available to anyone and 100% free to use. We do hope they’ll help you build a successful business!

Our sustainable business model saves you cash up to $12,000!

Down the road, we’ve identified a sustainable business model that is based on where customers see the value — DIRECT CASH SAVING! Everyone agrees that purchasing cryotherapy equipment is a significant investment that can make or break a business. 

If you’re about to purchase a machine for $60,000, we bet that you’ll be keen on spending a tiny 1% that could save you up to 12% of your investment cost.

While all cryotherapy equipment manufacturers push their sole product to all projects, we pay attention to your specific project’s parameters in order to recommend the most suitable machine according to your needs & budget. By subscribing to our Premium Support, you’ll get:

  • Best manufacturer pricing guarantee
  • Cryotherapy-specific business & marketing plan
  • Leasing application support with our exclusive partner

Premium Support costs $899 and helps save $6,380 on average.

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