Is cryotherapy Safe?

is cryotherapy safe?

Recently a case report1 was published concerning a cold burn presented at a 71-year-old man following a whole-body cryo session. The cold burn was presumed to be caused by a malfunctioning nozzle in the cryotherapy chamber. Moreover, unfortunately, this was not the first reported adverse event linked to whole-body cryo.2–4 Whole-body cryo is associated with […]

When research, knowledge, and performance collide: Cryochambers and ProCcare Partnership

Cryochambers and ProCcare Partnership

As you already know, we truly value all positive initiatives that strengthen the whole body cryo community. That’s how we got to know ProCcare, and its founders, Pat & Ivo. Extremely passionate about the industry, and very eager to improve knowledge and implementation of whole body cryo. ProCcare is a company that creates an optimal […]

The difference between nitrogen and electric cryotherapy machines

One of the most distinctive features of a cryotherapy chamber is the technology involved in order to produce cold air. The following table sums up most differences between the three technologies that power cryotherapy chambers and saunas the three cold generation technologies available on the market (Nitrogen, Electric, and Hybrid technologies) in terms of Technical […]

Should you consider a cryotherapy franchise?

Should You Consider a Cryotherapy Franchise?

One of the first decision you have to make is whether to take on a cryotherapy franchise or create your own brand. In a franchise cryotherapy business, the franchisor provides a developed way of doing business, ongoing guidance, systems and assistance in return for purchases and/or periodic payment of fees. Let’s look at the advantages […]

Whole Body Vs. Full Body Cryotherapy

Whole body VS Full body

IMPORTANT! Our conscious level of pain or discomfort during a cryotherapy treatment is not a benchmark to the efficiency of the treatment. Clinical studies show that cryotherapy works efficiently under temperatures of -166 degrees Ferhenight (-110°C). On the other hand, the more even cold distribution around the body the more pleasant the session is. Nonetheless, […]

Where to set up your cryotherapy studio?

Where to set up your-cryotherapy studio

You’ve made the decision to become a cryotherapy studio entrepreneur – congratulations! This is a huge step, and we’re here to help as you start the process of making your dream a reality. One of the most important decisions you can make when starting your plans is deciding where your facility will be located. The […]

Leasing Cryotherapy Equipment

why leasing cryotherapy equipment make sense

Three reasons cryotherapy machine makes sense When you’re opening a cryotherapy business choosing your equipment and deciding how to pay for it should be at the top of the list. The two primary options for the financing are leasing cryotherapy equipment or buying it outright. Here’s why leasing your cryo chamber or cryo sauna may […]