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Purchasing cryotherapy equipment is a significant investment that can make or break a business. If you are about to purchase a machine for $40,000 to $60,000, we bet you’ll be keen on documenting yourself first. 

If you’re just getting general information about the cryotherapy industry, stick with the free information available to you on our website.

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This page is dedicated to our premium ressources that address the needs of buyers who want to make an informed purchase — usually saving five to fifteen thousand dollars in the process.

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Asma Ait Chafaa is the co-founder of

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Here are three facts about the way we trade. First, we are fully transparent about our products and services. Next, we do not mark up prices nor sell cryotherapy equipment. Last, we do our best to help you save at every stage of your cryo business venture.

Asma Ait Chafaa 

Co-Founder & Customer Satisfaction Manager

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In a nutshell, Cryo Chambers is an engineering company dedicated to reviewing whole-body cryotherapy chambers. We support our clients to select the best equipment according to their projects’ needs. Throughout the years, we built a service offering to offer a one stop shop to build an efficient cryo business. 

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