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How to Buy the Right Cryotherapy Machine (or Chamber) for Your Needs

Let’s be clear, not all cryotherapy machines are created equal and choosing the ideal cryotherapy machine is key. Here’s a simple 5-step guide to follow:

  1. Learn how cryotherapy machines function.
  2. Choose between localized cryotherapy machines and whole-body cryotherapy chambers
  3. Weigh the pros & cons of electric vs nitrogen.
  4. Compare brands and models within your selection.
  5. Ask a cryotherapy business owner.

Ready? Let’s get started…

1. Learn How Cryotherapy Machines Function

Cryotherapy machines work to safely cool the skin temperature.

In the realm of cryotherapy, the precise control of skin temperature is paramount for a safe and effective session. Contrary to what you might think, discomfort or pain during the therapy isn’t a reliable measure of its efficacy.

The body’s pain sensors are nestled deeper within the skin than the cold receptors, which stop sensing temperatures just a smidge above freezing at 32°F (0°C). Consequently, gauging results based on pain or discomfort isn’t a dependable yardstick.

The key to a successful cryotherapy session revolves around the controlled reduction of skin temperature, typically by 10%, 30%, or 50%. However, individuals respond differently to cold exposure. This variability underscores the necessity for advanced cryotherapy chambers that can measure skin temperature in various areas and tweak the cold air flow in real-time.

To ensure a safe and effective cryotherapy experience, the top-notch cryotherapy chambers employ cutting-edge technology to continuously monitor and adjust the skin temperature. This real-time temperature control guarantees users consistent and reliable outcomes while prioritizing safety.

Safety consideration

However, it’s crucial to be vigilant against misleading claims in the cryotherapy machine market. Some manufacturers boast about their machines achieving temperatures as low as -160°C or even lower. These assertions often rely on measuring the temperature at the cold air outlet instead of around the user’s body, which not only misrepresents the actual temperature but also poses a significant risk to users.

2. Choose Between Localized Cryotherapy Machines and Whole-Body Cryotherapy Chambers

Localized and whole-body cryotherapy deliver entirely different experiences, cater to distinct needs, and come with varying price tags.

Whole-Body Cryotherapy Chambers

The defining feature of whole-body cryotherapy machines is their ability to plunge the entire body into sub-zero temperatures. Users step into a specially designed chamber that blankets them in an icy atmosphere. This intense experience is known for its muscle recovery benefits, reducing inflammation, and an overall sense of revitalization.

Whole-body cryotherapy machines are engineered to deliver a comprehensive deep freeze. They’re all about immersing the whole body at once in an intense, bone-chilling cold. This approach is favored by those seeking a brisk and invigorating session, making it a great choice for those who want a powerful, full-body treatment.

Prices for whole-body cryotherapy machines usually range from $30,000 to $280.000, and you’ll often find them in wellness centers, sports facilities, and dedicated cryotherapy clinics.

Localized Cryotherapy Machines

On the flip side, localized cryotherapy machines focus on specific areas of the body that need special attention — offering a gentle experience. These machines offer a more personalized and gentle cryotherapy experience, targeting localized concerns without subjecting the entire body to extreme cold.

Localized cryotherapy is the way to go if you’re looking for a targeted approach to address specific areas of pain or inflammation. Instead of stepping into a chamber, users can receive treatment directly on the problem area. Whether it’s a sore joint, aching muscle, or a nagging injury, localized cryotherapy machines can provide relief with precision.

The price tag for localized cryotherapy machines typically starts at around $7,500, making them a more budget-friendly option compared to their whole-body counterparts.

3. Weigh in the Pros & Cons of Electric vs Nitrogen Cryo Machines.

When it comes to the choice between electric and nitrogen-based cryo machines, the decision hinges on their capability to tailor the temperature to individual users and budget of course.

We like to distinguish 3 types of machines:

  • Nitrogen (including hybrid machines)
  • Electric with active cooling
  • Electric without active cooling

Nitrogen Machines

On the upside nitrogen machines pack an icy punch, boasting temperatures that can plunge at -196°C. While this extreme cold might seem enticing, real-time temperature control can pose a significant challenge. The rapid expansion of nitrogen gas within these machines makes maintaining precise temperatures a difficult task.

Additionally, the management of nitrogen supply, often stored in substantial 220-liter tanks, can be both labor-intensive and time-consuming.

Top tier nitrogen cryotherapy machines start at $30,000 making them appealing to many new businesses. However, it’s important to note that these machines require liquid nitrogen which may cost about $1.500/per month.

Pros: Rapid cooldown, starting at around $30,000.

Cons: Requires sourcing and managing nitrogen supply, temperature control can be tricky.

Electric Machines without Active Cooling

First designed to cater to businesses or teams accommodating multiple users simultaneously, electric machines without active cooling maintain a stable temperature range, usually around -90°C to -110°C. They excel in providing a highly safe environment for users and offer the convenience of accommodating multiple individuals during a single session.

However, these machines come with their own set of challenges. Installation can be quite intricate  and their cooldown times tend to be on the lengthier side. They come with a high dependability on the manufacture for any repair or maintenance.

The price tag for electric cryo machines typically falls between $120,000 to $260,000, reflecting the investment required for accommodating multiple users and offering a high level of safety and flexibility. Running these large electric machine usually cost about $1.000 per month.

Pros: Very safe, accommodate multiple users at the same time.

Cons: Hard to install, can be self-operated, take a long time to cool down, high running cost, cost between $120,000 to $260,000.

Electric machines with Active Cooling

Electric machines with active cooling take a different approach, focusing on real-time temperature adjustment based on the user’s skin temperature. These machines create a bone-chilling experience by chilling the chamber to around -4°F and utilizing powerful blowers to deliver the sensation of cold.

The advantages are manifold, including a relatively quick cooldown, self-operation capabilities, high safety standards, and cost-effective running expenses.

They are often considered the gold standard for session quality, but this level of excellence comes with a price, typically ranging between $80,000 to €100,000. On the other hand, running them cost lest than $300 per month for the average business.

Pros: Cools down fairly quickly, can be self-operated, very safe, low running cost, gold standard in session quality.

Cons: Costs between $80,000 to $100,000.

4. Compare Brands and Models within Your Selection

Choosing the right cryotherapy machine can be tough because manufacturers often boast about their machines, but every model has its pros and cons.

At Cryo Chambers, we help you compare machines in two ways:

5. Ask a Cryotherapy Business Expert

For tailored advice and to avoid costly mistakes, consult our seasoned cryotherapy business experts. Whether you’re starting a business or setting up a chamber at home, our consultants can guide you.

The consultation costs $350 ( And that’s the price of unbiased advice).

Ready to make an informed decision? Book a consultation and connect with an expert here

How Much Does it Cost to Own a Cryotherapy Machine?

The cost breakdown for owning a cryotherapy chamber typically includes several components:

Initial Purchase Price

Cryotherapy machine cost from $7,000 to $280,000, depending on the model, brand, features, and technology incorporated.

Installation Costs

Installation expenses can vary based on factors like location, space preparation, and additional requirements. As a rule of thumb:

  • Localized cryo machines cryo machines can be easily set up without professional installation, resulting in nearly zero installation costs.
  • For whole-body machines where the head remains outside, installation expenses typically range from $500 to $4,000. The cost varies depending on factors such as the need to dismount and remount the equipment to navigate doorways, elevators, or other spatial limitations.
  • Full-body cryo chambers  (room-like where the head remains inside) entail installation costs ranging from $5,000 to $20,000. This range encompasses expenses related to planning, fittings, and specialized installation needed for these chambers, often requiring substantial spatial adjustments.

Operational Expenses

The ongoing costs associated with running a cryotherapy chamber include liquid nitrogen, electricity, and staff. Here are the key insights to consider:

  • Localized machines are cost-efficient due to their minimal consumption of electricity and liquid nitrogen. You can expect to pay less than $1 per session.
  • Whole-body machines using liquid nitrogen are the most expensive to run. They consume an average of 8 liters per session, totaling an approximate cost of $10.4 per session, considering the standard $1.3 per liter of LN2.
  • For whole-body machines relying solely on electricity, the monthly electricity bills can range from $250 to $1,500 or more, depending on usage rates, location, and chamber size.

Staffing expenses are location-dependent. Typically, one operator is required for session management, unless opting for the 4th generation machines, which can be self-operated.

Maintenance and Repairs

Regular maintenance is essential for optimal performance. Annual maintenance contracts or occasional servicing might cost $500 to $15,000 per year, depending on the manufacturer and the specific requirements of the chamber.

Additional Costs and fluctuation

These can include warranty extensions, insurance, replacement parts, and unforeseen repairs.

Please note these figures can fluctuate significantly based on various factors, such as usage rates, location, specific chamber models, and negotiated service contracts.

Businesses and individuals considering investing in a cryotherapy chamber should contact a cryotherapy machine expert to conduct thorough cost analyses and consider long-term financial implications before making a purchase.

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