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The Cryo Cab Whole Body Cryotherapy Sauna is relatively new device that is packed with safety features. The machine transmits real-time session data to the control system, and adjusts parameters automatically.


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About the Cryo Cab

The Cryo Cab Whole Body Cryotherapy Sauna is full of safety features — including sensors to analyze the cabin and environment. The machine transmits session data to the control system in real time and automatically adjust parameters.

Optimal Security

A sliding door makes it easy to adjust the cryo sauna to the patient’s size. The extractors at shoulders level prevent from breathing nitrogen vapor.

Automated Oxygen Monitoring

An oximeter is linked to the cabin and shuts-down the nitrogen supply when oxygen rate goes below 18%. Any anomaly detected stops nitrogen supply with its extraction from the entire chamber.

Temperature accuracy

Each session starts at -110°c to trigger the hormonal response that is necessary to feel cryotherapy benefits.

Several automated safety features paired with remote maintenance capabilities provide steady performance and experience over time.


Cryotherapy sauna

Cold source

Temperature range

90°C to 150°C / 194°F to 302°F

Operational features

Connectivity | Integrated CRM | Online control | Pads elevation

Safety features

Built in oxygen sensor | 100% breathable air | Pressure regulator | Emergency shutdown



Design & build

240 Kg / 529 Lbs

Dimensions (closed door)

92 x 132 x 223 cm / 36.2 x 51.9 x 87.7 in

Made in





White and blue | White and purple

Materials & fabrics
Interior wall

Stainless steel

Exterior wall


Structural frame

Stainless steel


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Cryo Manufacturing

Cryo Manufacturing is a French designer and manufacturer of individual cryotherapy chambers based near Paris.

Their engineering department designs and develops all the elements constituting the individual cabins. Thus the assembly of all components is done internally — under strict supervision.

The company offers advice, on-site installation, technical training and after sales services with remote maintenance.

Lionel Mecrou
Cryo Manufacturing

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