CTN Cryo Cabin

CTN Cryo Cabin


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The CTN Cabin was designed specifically for commercial use, making it a great choice for your business. The focus of this cryotherapy chamber is on safety, easy installation, and customer satisfaction.

Mare Oravainen

Sales director at Cryotech Nortdic

"Our factory direct price to end user in countries with no existing distribution is US$ 30,000."

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The CTN Cryo Cabin

The CTN Cabin was designed specifically for commercial use, making it a great choice for your business. The focus of this cryotherapy chamber is on safety, easy installation and operation, and customer satisfaction.

Precise Cold Diffusion

The CTN Cabin is designed to evenly distribute the cold through the chamber’s multidirectional sprayers.

CTN Cryo Cabin review

This controls the airflow so that it goes in the right direction for the client.

The device adjusts the airflow so that your customers don’t have to rotate for even air distribution.

Since it distributes the air evenly, your clients won’t experience additional cold on their leg — reducing the associated stinging sensation that comes with focused cold in one place.

Space and Mobility

The CTN Cryo Cabin has enough room so the client does not feel trapped. At the same time, it is small enough to fit through most standard doorways.

Each CTN Cabin comes on rollers that are a handy feature to move the unit to various events and trade shows. It also lets you offer services outside or at a customer’s location.

A Safer Design

You can choose if you want the CTN Cabin to use liquid nitrogen or liquid air. Since liquid air is a condensed type of air that is all around us, it is becoming more popular as a safer option than liquid nitrogen.

Designed and manufacture in Finland. As one of the countries with the highest quality standards, each unit has to meet high standards before it can ship.

To pass an inspection, a CTN Cabin must meet three criteria:

  • The back pressure must be fully self-regulating so that it can be used with tanks with pressure ranging from 22 to 28 psi.
  • The software can locate the customer’s head so that it is raised to the optimal height for most comfort.
  • If a user lowers their body below the manufacturer’s recommended level, a sensor stops the gases and sucks it out of the unit to keep the user safe.

The CTN Cabin is a fantastic option for safety and reliability.


Cryotherapy sauna

Powered by


Temperature range

-80°C to -140°C / -176°F to 284°F

Operational features

Connectivity | Countdown | Motorised elevator | Online control | Thermal imaging | Wheels | Wifi | Entertainment screen

Safety features

100% breathable air | Pressure regulator | Emergency shutdown | Head sensor


12 months

Design & build

415 Kg / 915 Lb

Dimensions (closed door)

130 x 87.2 x 255 cm / 51.1 x 34.3 x 100.3 in

Made in





Grey | White

Materials & fabrics
Interior wall


Exterior wall

Carbon film


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Cryotech Nordic

Cryotech Nordic is an easily recognizable brand name in the industry. This Finnish company is a world lead-er in innovation and production of cryo chambers.

Their primary focus is on safety, but their second is on a highly reliable and aesthetically pleasing device that makes sure each customer is comfortable during their sessions.

The design leads have more than 40 years of combined experience, giving the chambers and advantage in terms of knowing what solutions will work well.

They are able to integrate systems for a more streamlined product. There are also a wealth of newcomers who can provide new ideas and the latest in innovation.

Working together, they are able to come up with unique solutions that don’t compromise safety, performance, or reliability.

To ensure they continue to improve their devices, they created an international team that includes both consultants and medical advisers. This is the core of their research team, giving Cryotech Nordic a boost in both their resources and access to new data about relevant research into cryotherapy protocols and cryo technology.

Mare Oravainen
Sales director of Cryotech Nordic

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