Cryomed Mini

Cryomed Mini
$ 35,000
Brand: Cryomed
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  • Highlighted feature
    compact and cost efficient

  • Therapy reach
    up to shoulders

  • Powered by

  • Consumption
    7 litters per session

  • Temperature range
    -110°C to -190°C

  • Preset programs


The overall rating is based on reviews from clients.

5.6 2.8 1
  • User experience 5 / 10
  • Features 5 / 10
  • Safety 4 / 10
  • Start up cost 7 / 10
  • Design & Build 5 / 10
  • Ease of installation 8 / 10
  • Warranty 6 / 10
  • Cost efficiency 5 / 10

Cryomed Mini Review

Cryomed has fully transparent pricing and distribution.

Cryomed Mini is a compact device for whole body cryotherapy. Simple and quick to install and use, the Cryomed Mini cools clients to cold temperatures for three minutes. It’s a whole-body cryotherapy method using liquid nitrogen cryotechnology.

The Cryomed Mini’ model is compact. Its height is 1.78 m with a footprint of only one m². Thanks to its smaller size and print, this mini cryo sauna may be placed anywhere you need.

The cost of acquiring the Cryomed Mini model is considerably lower than the price of the competition. Logistics are simplified as it takes only one pallet to transfer it.

This newer-generation device contains newly developed, CE approved electronic system controlled by touch screen TECO, focusing on reliability and maximum protection of the customer.

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Cryomed Mini - SPECS


  • Name The commercial name of the equipment.
    Cryomed Mini
  • Type Cryotherapy equipment types are: - Cryo Saunas, for Whole-Body Cryotherapy, are neck-high tubes where you stand upright. - Cryochambers, for Full-Body Cryotherapy, are cooled-air rooms similar to a walk-in refrigerator.
    Cryo Sauna
  • Powered by The three power sources (technologies) available are: - NITROGEN : Affordable equipment but does not provide full body experience because air is not breathable for an extended period of time. - ELECTRIC : Safest equipment because it uses elecricity instead of nitrogen but expensive start-up cost & fixed monthly running cost. - HYBRID : Converts nitrogen to breathable air to provide a full body experience but less cost-efficient than 100% nitrogen machine.
  • Temperature balance Cold distribution around is necessary to provide the best user experience. The more even, the better and more enjoyable. OUR SCALE: - Poor - Fair - Good - Excellent - Ultimate
  • User comfort OUR SCALE: - Poor - Fair - Good - Excellent - Ultimate
  • Review WHAT DO WE REVIEW?In a nutshell, our company reviews manufacturers' engagement and transparency towards their clients. Equipment We test the performance of cryotherapy chambers and saunas under various conditions over a period of 12 months. Pricing We guarantee you are purchasing at the right price. How would you feel if you were quoted 30% more than your closest concurrent? Yes, it happens! Especially in niche markets such as cryotherapy. Distribution Channels We monitor distributors and resellers markups justified by transport cost, import taxes, local salaries, rent, and overhead. After Sales & Service While respecting warranty terms and providing training are essential, proper installation and prompt maintenance are vital. IMPORTANT: GREEN means the manufacturer is fully transparent and can be trusted!
  • What we like
    Affordable, compact and economical. The mini is the most accessible on the market. Its small size makes it ideal for truck installation.


  • Entertainment screen Dedicated screen broadcast content or advertise products and services during cryotherapy sessions.
  • Thermal imaging Real-time thermal imaging.
  • Fingerprint authentication A fingerprint scanner used to authenticate the user and make sure there is no change to the waiver.
  • Countdown
  • Sound system
  • Wheels Axis, pre-installed beneath the equipment, used to simplify movement.
  • Online control The equipment can be controlled — from a different room or location — remotely via the internet.
  • Connectivity
    Internet cable/Wifi
  • CRM Customer Relationship Management "C.R.M." software is a category of software that covers a broad set of applications designed to help businesses manage processes such as customer data, customer interaction, automate sales, track leads, contracts, marketing, customer support. Some manufacturers designed equipment to allow for an integration of CRM software in their interface. This help businesses track clients data and treatment history.


  • Emergency shutdown A handy feature to automatically: - prevent users from running cryotherapy sessions by themselves (without monitoring); or - shut down the system and open the door in case the user is not positioned correctly or stops moving.
  • Automated pressure regulation IMPORTANT: ONLY APPLICABLE TO NITROGEN & HYBRID CATEGORIES. As the pressure constantly builds up in nitrogen cylinders, an automated pressure regulation system allows stable pressure control — preventing liquid nitrogen from entering into direct contact with the user.
  • Fingerprint authorization A fingerprint scanner used to identify and authenticate the operator.
  • Head sensor Ensures users head stays above the top of the machine.
  • Oxygen flow IMPORTANT: ONLY APPLICABLE TO NITROGEN & HYBRID CATEGORY. Nitrogen tends to displace Oxygen from the air, whenever it comes in contact with it. Thus if a continuous flow of Nitrogen is released into the atmosphere, the Oxygen level in the decreases and can choke a person who is breathing this Nitrogen full air. Units featuring a system that prevents the user from breathing nitrogen-reach air are considered safer.
  • Built in oxygen sensor
  • Pulse Oxygen monitor - Displays the client's Pulse and Pulse Oxygen levels while in the chamber. Will shut the chamber down automatically if thresholds are not met.
  • Heart rate monitor The device that allows the operator to measure users' heart rate in real time.

Design & Build

  • Dimensions with closed door Legend: (W): Width * (D): Depth * (H): Height
    112 x 90 x 178 cm
    44" x 35" x 70"
  • Dimensions with open door Legend: (W): Width * (D): Depth * (H): Height
    180 x 90 x 178 cm
    71" x 35" x 70"
  • Weight
    250Kg / 551Lb
  • Structure material(s) Should be made out of durable and non-corrosive materials* such as alluminumand hard pvc. *because a cryotherapy chamber or sauna will condense humidity in the air during sessions— turning it into ice or snow. When the machine warms up, the ice or snow will turn into water.
  • Exterior material(s) Exterior surface material(s).
    Aluminium composite panels
  • Certification
    CE, ISO 13485:2012, Immetro
  • Made in

Monthly Consumption (average)

  • 10 clients per day / 40-minute intervals
    2,100 litters
  • 20 clients per day / 20-minute intervals
    3,000 litters
  • 30 clients per day / 10-minute intervals
    3,600 litters

Installation & After-Sale

  • Warranty
    36 months or 3,000 sessions
  • Extendable warranty
  • Online diagnosis & maintenance
  • Minimum room size
    8 sqm / 86.1 sqft
  • Safety requirements
    - 2 evacuation outlets to the outside: diam 100 mm flexible hose connected to the cabin
    - 1 ventilation system (17 times the volume per hour)
    - 1 oxygen sensor
    - power supply 230 v - monophase 16 A
  • Support availability
    >12 hours/day

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