Everest Peak

Everest Peak is a very unique cryotherapy chamber. Using the latest technological advances, each part of this machine focuses on safety, efficiency, and effectiveness.


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Why Everest Peak?

One of the newest products from CryoBuilt, the Everest lives up to what you would expect from the manufacturer with a more affordable price tag. The most basic models start at $90,000 and offer several very flexible payment plans if needed. As a single chamber cryotherapy system with a 4.6” x3’ footprint, you have everything you need for effective treatment with this device.

Premium Customer Experience

CryoBuilt has built its name on being innovative and user friendly. Customers can select what music they want to listen to during treatment, change the ambient light and color within the chamber, and customize the fan and session time.

You can also offer a session to one or two clients. The operator is able to monitor the session through the heated windows. 

Temperature Controls

The optimal temperature drop is between 30 and 40 degrees of the skin’s initial temperature (-166 degrees Fahrenheit is usually optimal). Everest Peak makes this incredibly easy while keeping the patient comfortable.

Electric rather than Nitrogen

As the device is electric, you won’t have to worry about the hazards that stem from nitrogen. As you won’t have to worry about the cost of the nitrogen, each session should have a new 100% profit margin. The average operating cost of the Everest is about $15 a day

If you are interested in protecting your investment, Everest Peak includes an automatic enrollment in the CryoBuilt PROTECT Program. Everest was also designed to make it easier for you to upgrade to the Summit later if you decide to make the change.


Cryotherapy chamber

Cold source

Temperature range

-95°C to -112°C / -140°F to -170°F

Operational features

Adjustable timer | Bluetooth | Color changing lights | Countdown | Custom iOS/Android App | Different wind speeds | Heated glass door | Integrated CRM | Internet cable | Online control | Remote tech support | Self cleaning | Smart schedule | Sound system | Wifi

Safety features

100% breathable air | Emergency shutdown



Design & build

453 kg / 1000 lbs

Dimensions (closed door)

108 x 55 x 36 cm / 42,51 x 21,65 x 14,17 in

Made in





Black | Custom | White

Materials & fabrics
Exterior wall

Temperature coated metal

Structural frame

Insulated panels


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CryoBuilt is not a new player in the cryotherapy realm – this US company has been working in the industry for several decades. They offer full-body cryotherapy systems that are designed by professional engineers and technicians. The software is developed by some of the most skilled programmers in the business as well. 

The company has an extensive history in low-temp manufacturing and refrigeration, including refrigeration devices for biomedical and food processing companies. This is why they were so easily able to begin making effective devices in the cryotherapy market almost from the beginning of the industry. 

With their headquarters in California, they have a large research and development lab that lets them test innovations and push for better products. The teams of technicians and developers work closely to ensure that the devices they produce are of top quality. However, they have employees around the US who offer valuable input into the design and production processes. 

CryoBuilt tends to remain on the cutting edge in cryotherapy treatments, while making their products more affordable than many of their competitors. The Everest is the most recent example of how the company is offering advanced technology for smaller budgets.

Prior to the release of the Everest, electric cryotherapy chambers started at $150,000, putting them out of reach to many businesses who wanted to offer the therapy as a part of their service. Since nitrogen chambers are considerably less costly, most businesses opted for the cheaper method, though it can be more costly in the long run.

The Everest is looking to change the playing field by making a full-body electric cryotherapy chamber more affordable. CryoBuilt will keep looking for new ways to offer some of the most advanced chambers at affordable costs. 

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CEO of CryoBuilt

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The EVEREST brand of cryotherapy systems was created by the leader in electric cryotherapy systems, CryoBuilt.

CryoBuilt is a completely US based company with manufacturing, research, service, & support, ALL done in house.

Our Sacramento, CA headquarters houses our entire team and supports all products throughout their lives.

CryoBuit owns a nationwide service & support network that allows us to fully support all of the products we put into the market now, and into the future.

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