How cryo affects the body

In this 1-hour one on one session, Ivo Tiemssen can help you explore a diversity of cryotherapy applications. Ivo is a leading Sport Recovery Therapist and cryo advocate. You may ask him any question related to how cryotherapy affects the body.

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About Ivo Tiemssen & Cryotherapy

Ivo Tiemssen is a a leading Sports Recovery Specialist. He has been a cryo advocate for years and participated to the development of the Cryo Personalised Protocol Program (CPPP), a software that helps determine how many cryo session one need to achieve a particular goal.

Ivo Tiemssen’s work

Ivo has been providing professionals with a unique, safe and customized approach to the application of cold and heat in sports. He optimizes the use of whole body cryo with extensive research and personalized treatments.

Who should consult with Ivo?

  • Sport therapists, doctors and other practitioners who wish to know more about how cryo can improve performance.
  • Business owners or sales rep who want to tackle the sport industry with cryotherapy.
  • Anyone wishing to extend their cryotherapy knowledge.
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