Icelab -110-°C

In the world of cryotherapy Zimmer's Icelab is the holy grail. It offers an atmosphere experience like no other, and has been built around the world of major professional sport leagues and leading rehabilitation facilities.


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The Icelab by Zimmer

Icelab is the gold standard in the cryotherapy world. It provides an experience like no others and has been installed in major professional sports facilities around the world.

At the forefront of cryo tech

Icelab features the most advanced technologies to conform to safety, energy consumption, and operation standards. Thanks to the two antechambers to stabilize the temperature and prevent the formation of fog in the primary treatment chamber.

Full automation

The Icelab is controlled automatically using preset operating times. Chamber de-icing is automated and does not require switching off the chamber. The chamber temperature is automatically reduced to -40°C during standby times to reduce energy consumption.

Ultimate Comfort

Zimmer has given meticulous attention to user sensitivities in the Icelab through the selection of precious woods and colors. The operator can use voice communication to relax the user during the treatment or broadcast music directly from a phone/iPod docking station.

Heat Recovery

The waste heat from the Icelab facility can be reused through heat recovery for heating swimming pools, for example.


Cryotherapy sauna

Cold source

Temperature range

-110°C / -230°F

Operational features

Connectivity | Motorised elevator | Online control | Pads elevation | Sound system | Thermal imaging | Entertainment screen

Safety features

Built in oxygen sensor | 100% breathable air | Pressure regulator | Emergency shutdown

Design & build
Made in



CE | ISO13485




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Zimmer Cryo

For over 45 years of experience Zimmer Medizin Systeme has been one of europe's biggest physiotherapy devices manufacturers. Also, innovative cardiologic products, diagnostic products, and aesthetic products such as hyaluronic fillers and software improve their product lines.

Research and development are taking a top priority in the culture of the business. Every Zimmer product is strictly developed. As a medium-sized company located in the Neu-Ulm Area of Innovation, Zimmer establishes partnerships with hospitals, physiotherapists and physicians.

Medical progress, reliable technology, good design, ease of use and excellent services are the typical characteristics of all their systems.

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