Machine budgeting & comparison

Machine budgeting & comparison



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From comparing machines to budgeting your venture, our CEO (also founder of the franchise Polaris Wellness) will help you streamline your business. Nawfel will answer each and every cryo business question you may have during a one hour meeting.

About Nawfel M. Oussedik

Founder of

Nawfel M. Oussedik is the founder of this very website. He has extensive knowledge about cryotherapy machines, the cryotherapy machine market, and the cryotherapy industry in general.

Founder of Polaris Wellness

Nawfel founded Polaris Wellness, a cryotherapy studio franchise. He acted as CEO from Sep 2014 to Aug 2017. During this period, he raised US$ 700,000 in capital to start the business and educated stakeholders on whole body cryotherapy services.

What am I buying?

You are buying a 1-hour online meeting with Nawfel. You will be asked to choose a meeting day and time as well as send your questions prior to the meeting.  Nawfel will answer your questions and share complementary information and tips.

Who should consult with Nawfel?

Consult with Nawfel if you need to know what are your options. Nawfel will help you compare and select the most suitable machine for your business. He will also help you budget for it and determine how much it will cost you.