As one of the first air cooled cryotherapy chambers, users don’t need to be in direct contact with the liquid nitrogen vapors, eliminating many of the original risks of cryotherapy chambers.


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The CRYOPOD™ is the latest in Cryotherapy technology and innovation. As one of the first air cooled cryotherapy chambers, users don’t need to be in direct contact with the liquid nitrogen vapors, eliminating many of the original risks of cryotherapy chambers.

All CRYOPODs™ are designed and made in the UK using the latest innovations and technology to keep customers safe and satisfied.

Security Features

Ensuring your customers are safe is always the top priority. The design that eliminates contact with liquid nitrogen is perhaps the most notable safety measure. It is possible by the incorporation of a heat exchanger.

To better track each session based on each client’s needs and preference, the system is equipped with a robust login system.

Operators need to use an ID access card to ensure that they are trained before they begin operations. After swiping their card, they access the user-friendly touchscreen to start the treatment.

Controls and Wi-Fi Connection

The CRYOPOD™ is designed for easy use, During the session, data displays on the screen, giving the operator real-time updates on the current session progress.

The data is recorded and transferred to a remote system so that session can be analyzed when needed. To accomplish this, all CRYOPODs™ have the ability to connect to Wi-Fi.

Operators and engineers can access each system remotely so that your software is regularly upgraded, based on the permissions you set.

Made in the UK

Produced in the UK, every device has to meet the strict ISO 9001 standards.


Cryotherapy chamber

Cold source

Temperature range

-100°C to -140°C / 212°F to 284°F

Operational features

Countdown | Integrated CRM | Motorised elevator | Online control | Thermal imaging | Wifi | Entertainment screen

Safety features

Built in oxygen sensor | 100% breathable air | Pressure regulator | Emergency shutdown | Heart-rate monitor



Design & build

450Kg / 992 Lb

Dimensions (closed door)

153 x 89.3 x 199 cm / 60.3 x 35.1 x 78.3 in

Made in

The United Kingdom


CL Certified | ISO13485 | ISO9001



Materials & fabrics
Exterior wall


Structural frame

Aluminium | PVC


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CRYOPOD™ UK is a UK designer and manufacture, but a world manufacturing leader of cryotherapy chambers.

The company hires a wide range of experts from numerous fields to better identify where the CRYOPODs™ can be improved or made safer for use.

This includes engineers from safety conscious industries such as nuclear and sub-sea. Given the risks of use, safety is always the priority for every chamber that is designed and manufactured.

This is what led to the production of the CRYOPOD™, the first cryotherapy chamber that did not require direct contact with liquid nitrogen vapor.

The company has earned its reputation for safety and customer satisfaction because they provide full service support and guidance.

Paul Sevens, CEO at Cryopod

Sales Manager at CRYOPOD™

Contact Cryopod

"With 20-years’ experience in Whole-Body Cryotherapy, we are expertly placed to advise on the best Cryotherapy package for you. Our Whole-Body Cryotherapy PODs are designed and manufactured in the UK and we can provide unparalleled service to our clients, from the initial sale, through to installation and maintenance of your CRYOPOD™.

Safety is always the priority for every installation. Full training will be given on all aspects of usage.

The CRYOPOD™ has built-in Wi-fi connectivity & state of the art touch screens. Software updates can be done remotely.

CRYOPOD™ software is Microsoft based & allows for detailed analysis of programme data, so you can keep a track of all treatments by individual and collectively.

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