XR Chamber

XR Chamber
$ 59,000
Brand: Cryo Innovations
Category: Cryotherapy machine reviews and comparison

  • Highlighted feature
    thermal imaging

  • Therapy reach
    whole body

  • Powered by

  • Consumption

  • Temperature range
    -60°F to -230°F

  • Preset programs


The overall rating is based on reviews from clients.

7.4 3.7 1
  • User experience 8 / 10
  • Features 5 / 10
  • Safety 8 / 10
  • Start up cost 7 / 10
  • Design & Build 8 / 10
  • Ease of installation 8 / 10
  • Warranty 10 / 10
  • Cost efficiency 5 / 10

Cryo Innovations XR Chamber review

The Cryo Innovations Recovery XR cryotherapy chamber is a safe, technologically advanced, and lucrative cryo chamber.

Designed around the user, the Recovery XR cryotherapy chamber fits everyone and manages all client and chamber data with the built-in Point of Sale. This allows the owner to be hands-off so they can focus on growing clientele volume.

Minimum installation & maintenance

The XR cryotherapy sauna from Cryo Innovations comes fully assembled! The unit can roll through a 36-inch doorway, into place and just plug in and go! The chamber runs on 110V or 220v, connects to WIFI, and simply attaches to liquid nitrogen, using less energy than a TV.

Virtual operation training is at your convenience and will be non-operational until training is complete to ensure a safe experience. Designed with simplicity in mind especially regarding owner maintenance.

There is no dry out between sessions, which allows back-to-back sessions. The operating system is connected to the cloud, self-updates, and self-diagnoses any potential issues. The owner will be notified if an issue arises. Made from 316 Stainless, guarantees a corrosion free chamber.

Highest efficiency

Efficiency and power are perfectly united in the self-maintaining chamber.

The proprietary Cyclonic Flow Technology™ guarantees an evenly distributed, -220 degree Fahrenheit nitrogen filled chamber, that packs a consistent punch. Only 3-4 liters of nitrogen are used per session and the energy usage is similar to that of television – making the XR the most economical cryo chamber on the market.

The XR is highly profitable and provides businesses with a self-contained, point-of-sale kiosk with a successful turn-key operation. Customizable point of sale, auto digital data/document storage, and tailored marketing materials are more of the built-in tools that aid in quick ROI.

Technology & safety

Safety is unmatched with the XR chamber, guaranteeing the lowest owner liability. The onboard features are self-regulated by custom software allowing the operator to easily administer a safe session. Contraindications, wavers, and user data are all digitally stored and require reaffirmation at every session.

Dual fingerprint authorization is required to start a session, one by the authorized operator and one by the approved, paid user. In addition, the operator must touch the screen every 30 seconds while the user is in the chamber to verify they are supervising.

Interior geometry, pulse oxygen sensors, head sensors, and emergency stop functions, monitor blood oxygen levels, heart rate, and ensure the user’s head remains above the top of the chamber.

The XR has completely redefined whole body cryotherapy safety, providing a trusted and optimal experience. Cryo Innovations and the XR chamber will not only optimize your client’s wellness but also open doors for business and increased revenue. Therefore, the Cryo Innovations XR is our favorite cryo sauna 2018.

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XR Chamber - SPECS


  • Name The commercial name of the equipment.
    Recovery XR
  • Type Cryotherapy equipment types are: - Cryo Saunas, for Whole-Body Cryotherapy, are neck-high tubes where you stand upright. - Cryochambers, for Full-Body Cryotherapy, are cooled-air rooms similar to a walk-in refrigerator.
    Cryo Sauna
  • Powered by The three power sources (technologies) available are: - NITROGEN : Affordable equipment but does not provide full body experience because air is not breathable for an extended period of time. - ELECTRIC : Safest equipment because it uses elecricity instead of nitrogen but expensive start-up cost & fixed monthly running cost. - HYBRID : Converts nitrogen to breathable air to provide a full body experience but less cost-efficient than 100% nitrogen machine.
  • Temperature balance Cold distribution around is necessary to provide the best user experience. The more even, the better and more enjoyable. OUR SCALE: - Poor - Fair - Good - Excellent - Ultimate
  • User comfort OUR SCALE: - Poor - Fair - Good - Excellent - Ultimate
  • Review WHAT DO WE REVIEW?In a nutshell, our company reviews manufacturers' engagement and transparency towards their clients. Equipment We test the performance of cryotherapy chambers and saunas under various conditions over a period of 12 months. Pricing We guarantee you are purchasing at the right price. How would you feel if you were quoted 30% more than your closest concurrent? Yes, it happens! Especially in niche markets such as cryotherapy. Distribution Channels We monitor distributors and resellers markups justified by transport cost, import taxes, local salaries, rent, and overhead. After Sales & Service While respecting warranty terms and providing training are essential, proper installation and prompt maintenance are vital. IMPORTANT: GREEN means the manufacturer is fully transparent and can be trusted!
  • What we like
    This equipment is packed with safety and monitoring features and comes with the best guarantee we've seen. It makes providing cryo sessions extremely simple. The user experience is impressive as cold distribution around the user is even.


  • Entertainment screen Dedicated screen broadcast content or advertise products and services during cryotherapy sessions.
  • Thermal imaging Real-time thermal imaging.
  • Fingerprint authentication A fingerprint scanner used to authenticate the user and make sure there is no change to the waiver.
  • Countdown
  • Sound system
  • Wheels Axis, pre-installed beneath the equipment, used to simplify movement.
  • Online control The equipment can be controlled — from a different room or location — remotely via the internet.
  • Connectivity
    Internet cable/Wifi
  • CRM Customer Relationship Management "C.R.M." software is a category of software that covers a broad set of applications designed to help businesses manage processes such as customer data, customer interaction, automate sales, track leads, contracts, marketing, customer support. Some manufacturers designed equipment to allow for an integration of CRM software in their interface. This help businesses track clients data and treatment history.


  • Emergency shutdown A handy feature to automatically: - prevent users from running cryotherapy sessions by themselves (without monitoring); or - shut down the system and open the door in case the user is not positioned correctly or stops moving.
  • Automated pressure regulation IMPORTANT: ONLY APPLICABLE TO NITROGEN & HYBRID CATEGORIES. As the pressure constantly builds up in nitrogen cylinders, an automated pressure regulation system allows stable pressure control — preventing liquid nitrogen from entering into direct contact with the user.
  • Fingerprint authorization A fingerprint scanner used to identify and authenticate the operator.
  • Head sensor Ensures users head stays above the top of the machine.
  • Oxygen flow IMPORTANT: ONLY APPLICABLE TO NITROGEN & HYBRID CATEGORY. Nitrogen tends to displace Oxygen from the air, whenever it comes in contact with it. Thus if a continuous flow of Nitrogen is released into the atmosphere, the Oxygen level in the decreases and can choke a person who is breathing this Nitrogen full air. Units featuring a system that prevents the user from breathing nitrogen-reach air are considered safer.
  • Built in oxygen sensor
  • Pulse Oxygen monitor - Displays the client's Pulse and Pulse Oxygen levels while in the chamber. Will shut the chamber down automatically if thresholds are not met.
  • Heart rate monitor The device that allows the operator to measure users' heart rate in real time.

Design & Build

  • Dimensions with closed door Legend: (W): Width * (D): Depth * (H): Height
    87 x 112 x 219 cm
    34" x 44"
  • Dimensions with open door Legend: (W): Width * (D): Depth * (H): Height
    87 x 152 x 219 cm
    34" x 60" x 86"
  • Weight
    285 Kg / 628 Lb
  • Structure material(s) Should be made out of durable and non-corrosive materials* such as alluminumand hard pvc. *because a cryotherapy chamber or sauna will condense humidity in the air during sessions— turning it into ice or snow. When the machine warms up, the ice or snow will turn into water.
    316 Mill Finish, Brushed Stainless Steel
  • Interior fabric
    Foam and Fire Retardant Antibacterial Nylon
  • Exterior material(s) Exterior surface material(s).
  • Certification
    Some parts are UL certified
  • Made in

Monthly Consumption (average)

Installation & After-Sale

  • Warranty
    36 Month Top to Bottom Warranty.
  • Extendable warranty
  • Online diagnosis & maintenance
  • Minimum room size
    5.5 sqm / 59.2 sqft

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