Our cryotherapy machine brokering will save you months of research. We use key parameters to help you find the  best cryotherapy machines for your specific needs.

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Free Cryotherapy Brokering Service

One thing we’ve learn from our 800+ clients is: the right machine is different for every business.

Your dream machine To get the best ROI out of your equipment, you must determine which is the right machine for the services you want to offer as well as your demographic you want to use. 

“By using our the Machine Finder service, you leverage our expertise where we focus on your needs and your venture to determine what machines are best for you.” Nawfel M. Oussedik — CEO @

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How Does It Work?

Based on the information you submit, our team of cryo experts will help you:

  • Pin point which cryotherapy chambers and sauna to consider from the make, model, and age of the machine. The right machine is different for every business.
  • Understand the hidden costs, installation and operations process, and develop a maintenance plan.
  • Narrow down your choice and broker the best machine deal.

Markets We Serve

Expand your wellness offerings with a cryo sauna. Provide your clients with a session that they will enjoy and remember. The benefits of cryotherapy will complement your existing services.

Enhance your resort or spa offering with a cryotherapy chamber. Cryotherapy provides a refreshing experience that boosts energy levers while soothing the body. Your guest will enjoy the experience and remember your facility for it.

Sport & Fitness
Upgrade your training facility from ice baths to a cryo sauna. Provide weekend warriors & professional athletes with safe and consistent 3-minute whole body cryotherapy sessions.

Resorts & Spa
Complement your spa or resort offering with whole-body cryotherapy. It provides a refreshing experience that boosts energy levels while soothing the body and your guest will remember you for it.

entrepreneurs looking for a cryo franchise can reach us.

Start your own cryotherapy studio to provide an efficient solution to everyday health issues. Or provide a new treatment to build an additional revenue stream in your Pain Management, Sports Recovery, or Rejuvenation business.

Meet Our Team of Experts

Nawfel Oussedik

Nawfel M. Oussedik
CEO & Co-Founder

“We are proud that enquirers value our Cryotherapy Buyers’ Guide & equipment recommendations cause choosing the right cryotherapy machine is critical to ensure both customer safety and smooth business operations.”

Asma Ait Chafaa is the co-founder of

Asma Ait Chafaa
Customer satisfaction Manager & Co-Founder

« This is our 7-year-in-business customer survey findings: Customers believe our services helps them make better choices and save money at the same time — that was the best thing we would ever want to hear!”

Mark Bennet engineer

Mark Bennet
Quality Control

“Our cryotherapy machine selection system has been built upon experience! This is how we satisfy 100% of our clients.”

Nicole Miller cryotherapy specialist

Nicole Miller
Customer relationship

“We have successfully helped implement 340 cryotherapy cabins in 15 countries. Contact me to get a quote.”

Callum Moore cryotherapy engineer

Callum Moore
Operations Manager

“Choosing the right cryotherapy machine is critical to ensure both customer safety and smooth business operations.”

Cordan Cohen Marketing Manager

Jordan Bennet

“We let out a big sigh of relief when we heard that our customers really value our transparent communication.”

Chiraz Bensemmane

Chiraz Bensemmane
Business development

“Contact me if you want to start your own cryotherapy studio or add cryotherapy to your service offering.”

shelley haffey cryotherapy expert

Shelley Haffey
Business Development

“We match your project’s variables with the most suitable cryotherapy chamber available on the market — For free.”

Ivo Tiemessen is a sport recovery specialist

Ivo Tiemessen
Sports Recovery Specialist (ProCcare)

“We provide professionals with a unique, safe and customized approach to the application of cold and heat in sports.”

Patrick Viroux is a cold therapy expert

Patrick Viroux
Sports Physical Therapist (ProCcare)

“We optimize the use of whole body cryo with extensive research, accredited courses and personalized treatments.”