About Cryo Chambers

At CryoChambers.com, we are passionate about the cryotherapy industry and helping entrepreneurs succeed in this rapidly growing field.

We provide a range of services and resources to support your cryotherapy business, including free guidance and support, equipment comparators, financing calculators, and a premium support package.

Our founder, Nawfel M. Oussedik, started CryoChambers.com in 2013 after experiencing the challenges of setting up one of the early cryotherapy studio franchises, Polaris. As a result of his own struggles, he realized the importance of sharing knowledge and providing support to others in the industry.

How We Came to Life

Before starting CryoChambers.com, Nawfel had already established himself as a successful entrepreneur in the cryotherapy industry. In 2012, he founded one of the early cryotherapy business franchises, which quickly grew thanks to the variety of structures they offered, including Cryo Studio, Express Cryo, and Revenue Sharing. Their clients included football teams, stars, and world boxing champions, and one of their studios was even nominated for Best Asia.

However, despite the business’s success, the team faced numerous challenges regarding equipment. They struggled to understand the differences between nitrogen and electric cryotherapy machines and found that manufacturers often made contradictory claims based on “facts” or “studies” that were difficult to verify. They purchased 11 machines from three different manufacturers but found that each machine performed differently, which created various equipment flows, breakdowns, and limitations. This experience led them to conduct further research and develop a range of tools to help other cryotherapy business owners avoid similar challenges.

What We Do

At CryoChambers.com, we believe in transparency and honesty. We do not markup nor sell equipment, and our focus is on helping you make informed decisions about your cryotherapy business. Our team has developed a range of tools, including a buyer’s guide, equipment comparator, and financing calculator, which are all available for free on our website.

We understand that purchasing cryotherapy equipment is a significant investment, which is why we offer a premium support package that includes a cryotherapy-specific business and marketing plan, leasing application support, and the best manufacturer pricing guarantee. By subscribing to our Premium Support, you can save up to $6,380 on average and ensure that you have the most suitable machine for your specific needs and budget.

Why Clients Love Us

We offer a wealth of free information and resources on our website.

Our cryotherapy chamber buying guide covers a range of topics related to cryotherapy, from the benefits and risks of cryotherapy to tips for starting a successful cryotherapy business. We also have a comprehensive FAQ section and a dedicated customer support team that is always available to answer your questions and provide assistance.

Markets We Serve

Start your own cryotherapy service to provide an efficient solution to everyday health issues. Or provide a new treatment to build additional revenue in your Pain Management, Sports Recovery, or Rejuvenation business.


Expand your wellness offerings with a cryo sauna. Provide your clients with a session that they will enjoy and remember. The benefits of cryotherapy will complement your existing services.


Enhance your resort or spa offering with a cryotherapy chamber. Cryotherapy provides a refreshing experience that boosts energy levels while soothing the body. Your guests will enjoy the experience and remember your facility for it.

Sport & Fitness

Upgrade your training facility from messy ice baths to a cryo sauna. Provide weekend warriors and professional athletes with safe and consistent 3-minute cryotherapy sessions.

Resorts & Spa

Complement your spa or resort offering with cryotherapy. It provides a refreshing experience that boosts energy levels while soothing the body and your guest will remember you for it.

What We Stand For

At CryoChambers.com, we are proud to be a trusted source of information and support for cryotherapy business owners worldwide.

With customers in the USA, UK, Netherlands, Australia, and over 10 other countries, we are committed to helping entrepreneurs succeed in the cryotherapy industry.

Thank you for visiting our website, and please don’t hesitate to contact us for any cryotherapy-related questions or support.

What Our Experts Have to Say

Our cryotherapy machine selection system has been built upon experience! This is how we keep our clients happy—by offering real advice based on their specific needs.

We let out a big sigh of relief when we heard that our customers really value our transparent communication. We agreed early on that we would treat them the way we want to be treated. Real people, no hidden fees.

Contact me if you want to start your own cryotherapy studio or add cryotherapy to your service offering.

We match your project’s variables with the most suitable cryotherapy chamber available on the market—For free.

Cryotherapy machines offer unique health options for wellness-minded clients. Our machines will not disappoint.

Here are our last customer survey findings: Our clients believe our services help them make better choices and save money at the same time. That was the best thing we would ever want to hear!

Ivo Tiemessen Sports Revovery Specialist  We provide professionals with a unique, safe and customized approach to the application of cold and heat in sports. Patrick Viroux Sports Physical Therapist We optimize the use of whole-body cryo with extensive research, accredited courses and personalized treatments.”

Choosing the right cryotherapy machine is critical to ensuring both customer safety and a successful business. We are proud that our clients value our Cryotherapy Buyers’ Guide and equipment recommendations. We can’t wait to serve you.

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