The price of cryotherapy machines ranges from $7,500 to $280,000 depending on their type.

  • Whole-body cryotherapy machines: $34,000 to $89,900.
  • Full-body cryotherapy chambers: $75,000 to $280,000.
  • Localized cryotherapy machines: $7,500 to $18,000.

While the potential benefits are tempting, understanding the true cost of owning a cryotherapy chamber is crucial for making an informed decision.

Below, you’ll discover a comprehensive table outlining the average costs associated with various types of cryotherapy machines for the initial 12 months, providing an overview of expenses

Cooling technologyTypeCapacityRetail price in USDInstall. cost in USDCooling cost in USDServiving cost in USDStaffing cost in USDInsurance cost in USD
ElectricWhole-bodySinge user89,0003,5003,0001,50020,0003,500
ElectricFull-body chamberSinge user110,0007,5003,7002,50020,0007,500
ElectricFull-body chamberMulti user173,00014,00011,3008,00020,00014,000
ElectricLocalizedSinge user14,5001,00030045025,0001,000
NitrogenWhole-bodySinge user47,0003,50018,7201,00040,0003,500
NitrogenFull-body chamberSinge user58,0003,50029,7202,10040,0003,500
NitrogenLocalizedSinge user11,2001,00042045027,0001,000

In the following sections, we’ll analyze every cost linked to owning a cryotherapy chamber. But that’s not all! We’ll also compare the cost structure of different technologies used in cryotherapy.

Ready? Let’s dive in.

Cryotherapy Machine Retail Prices

Let’s start with the machine costs. Here’s an overview of Manufacturer Direct Pricing for the best cryotherapy chambers currently available on the market.

You can click on each model’s name to access more detailed information.

As you can see from the table, the price of cryotherapy machines is influenced by various factors, including the type (whole-body chamber, localized chamber, or spot-treatment) and the cooling technology employed.

  • Electric cryotherapy machines have a higher retail price then nitrogen ones. This price discrepancy is attributed to the efficiency of electric technology, which also offers enhanced safety features.
  • It’s also worth noting that the price of electric machines is witnessing a decline with newer models becoming smaller yet equally efficient.
  • However, it’s important to note that while nitrogen machines may have a lower initial cost, additional expenses for operation need to be factored in.


Cryotherapy Chamber Cost of Ownership — Our Detailed Analysis

First, it’s important to note that we have excluded localized cryotherapy machines from this analysis since both electric and nitrogen machines show comparable residual costs. Therefore, we’ll focus on whole-body cryotherapy machine and full-body cryotherapy chambers. 

To better align with the current cryo machine market and its segments, we’ll differentiate between:

  • Single-user nitrogen machines
  • Single-user electric machines
  • Multi-user/room electric machines

The following bar chart illustrates the average first-year ownership costs of cryotherapy machines across different categories: Nitrogen single-user, Electric single-user, and Electric multi-user.

These expenses are applicable to both home and business setups, with the exception of insurance and staffing, which are exclusive to businesses. This analysis is tailored for establishments accommodating up to 20 sessions per day. Now, let’s examine each cost individually

Installation (Including fittings and training)

The installation expenses for cryotherapy equipment may fluctuate depending on factors such as location and complexity. It’s important to consider that larger units entail more intricate transportation and installation processes, often necessitating additional fittings. Here are some estimates:

  • Nitrogen machines typically incur an average installation cost of approximately $2,500.
  • Single-user electric cryotherapy chambers can range from $2,500 to $10,000 in installation fees, contingent upon their size.
  • Multi-user electric chambers may require an investment of around $15,000 due to their larger dimensions and increased complexity.

Cooling Cost

When it comes to the expenses associated with cooling in cryotherapy, it’s essential to consider both the supply and storage of liquid nitrogen, as well as electricity consumption. Here’s are some key insights to consider:

  • Liquid nitrogen machines are the costliest to operate, using approximately 4 liters of liquid nitrogen per session. With an average cost of $1.3 per liter, the total cost per session amounts to $2.2. This translates to an annual expenditure averaging $18,720 based on typical usage.
  • The energy consumption of single-room electric cryotherapy chambers: these chambers varies, with newer, more compact models typically consuming around xKW/H. In the USA, this results in an average yearly electricity bill of $3000. Larger models, consuming up to xKW/H, incur an average yearly cooling cost of $4,150.
  • Multi-room electric cryotherapy models can consume up to XXKW/H annually, resulting in a yearly cooling expenditure of $12,200.

These calculations are based on an e average electricity rate of 16.21 cents per kWH. It’s also assumed that electric machines accommodate up to 20 users per day, while nitrogen machines cater to approximately 10 users per day.

Maintenance and Repairs

Keeping your equipment in optimal condition is essential for maintaining peak performance. Depending on the model, you may opt for annual maintenance contracts or periodic servicing to ensure longevity and efficiency. Here are typical maintenance costs for various equipment types:

  • Nitrogen machines: Average maintenance cost of approximately $1,000 annually.
  • Single-user electric cryo chambers: Maintenance costs typically range from $1,000 to $3,000 per year.
  • Multi-user electric chambers: Repairs for these systems can range from $8,000 to $20,000, often requiring onsite manufacturer intervention for optimal resolution.

Of corse, crotherapy machine installed in homes cost a lot less since they are less frequently used than in businesses such as SPAs, Gyms, and clinics.

Good to Know

  • Our line of cryotherapy machines is backed by a warranty of up to three years, ensuring your peace of mind. They come equipped with remote access and analytics, along with user-friendly mechanisms for replacing spare parts.
  • Our technicians can diagnose issues and assist operators with part replacements remotely, eliminating the need for on-site visits.
  • This efficient process reduces downtime and costs by up to 90%.


Typically, one operator is required during sessions to ensure users’ comfort, unless opting for the 4th generation of electric machines, which can be self-operated.

It’s important to note that nitrogen machines require additional work hours due to the need for monitoring nitrogen storage, scheduling deliveries, and handling tank movement.

Depreciation of Cryotherapy Chambers

Depreciation refers to the gradual decline in value of an asset over time, a phenomenon particularly notable in the case of cryotherapy machines and chambers. The lack of a clear second-hand market for these machines underscores their rapid depreciation. The following chart outlines the depreciation trajectory of a cryotherapy machine over a 10-year period.

Single User Electric Machines Hold Best Value

Single-user electric cryotherapy machines stand out for their sustained value retention compared to other cryotherapy chambers. Their ease of acquisition and relocation adds to their appeal. Premium models are designed to reduce the need for professional assistance during disassembly and relocation.

Nitrogen and Multi-User Electric Cryotherapy Chambers Depreciate Most Rapidly

To help put chamber depreciation into perspective, consider what happens as soon as you finish signing the paper on that $60,000 nitrogen cryo chamber you’ve been eyeing.

Before the ink dries, your cryo chamber has lost 5% to 10% of its value, so it is now worth about $54,000. It hasn’t even been used yet.

One year later, the price has gone down 15%, regardless of how little you use it. Frequent use of your chamber over that first year can reduce the value by as much as 20%. That means one year later, it could be worth as little as $48,000.

Three years after your purchase, it is worth less than half of its original value, no matter how little you used it.

Why is this the case?
  • Nitrogen cryo chambers represent older, less efficient technology, gradually being superseded by newer electric models. This technological shift contributes to the decline in their prices.
  • Multi-user electric cryotherapy chambers, while efficient, present challenges due to their bulkiness. Their relocation often necessitates extra fees linked to  manufacturer assistance and meticulous planning for installation, limiting potential buyers and further complicating their resale.

Financing the Purchase of a Cryotherapy Chamber

Obtaining proper financing for a cryotherapy chamber hinges on several factors including the purchase price, the lander, interest rates, and repayment term. For instance, considering an $80,000 cryotherapy machine financed over a three-year period, the total cost varies based on the interest rate. Individuals with a strong credit profile might secure an interest rate of approximately 4%. Utilizing a loan calculator, the resultant monthly payment would approximate $2,356, culminating in a total financing outlay of about $84,781. Consequently, the borrower would incur approximately $4,781 in interest over the 3-year span. On the opposite, those with a less favorable credit rating may only qualify for an interest rate around 12%. Employing the same loan calculation method, the monthly payment would rise to roughly $2,665, leading to a total financing expenditure of approximately $95,958. Here, the borrower would face a considerably higher interest burden of about $15,958 over the 3-year duration.

Interest Rates Can Vary Based on Location and Current Economic Conditions

Interest rates are dynamic and can fluctuate based on prevailing economic conditions. For instance, during the COVID-19 pandemic, interest rates experienced a decline aimed at bolstering economic activity. Consequently, borrowers had the opportunity to secure more advantageous interest rates compared to pre-pandemic levels. However, lenders exercised greater caution and selectivity in their lending practices, making it more challenging for certain borrowers to obtain financing.

Securing Financing

Factors such as fees and repayment conditions should be taken into consideration when evaluating potential lenders. It’s imperative to scrutinize the terms of the financing agreement meticulously and seek clarification on any ambiguities before committing to the arrangement. We have established an exclusive partnership with Brickhouse Capital for cryotherapy machine leasing in the United States. Reach out to us for personalized assistance. We can facilitate financing , a direct lender offering 100% financing options for a range of cryotherapy devices including whole-body cryotherapy chambers, local cryotherapy equipment, cool-sculpting units, and more.

Try this financing simulator to get an estimate of how much it would cost to lease your cryo chamber.

Takeaways — How to Save on Cryotherapy Machine Costs 

  • Electric cryotherapy chambers are often perceived as more expensive upfront, but they actually prove to be more cost-effective in the long term.
  • Among electric cryotherapy machines, single-user units demonstrate higher efficiency. In many instances, owning two single-user machines proves to be more economical and efficient than possessing a single multi-user cryotherapy chamber.
  • The latest generation of electric machines seamlessly integrates the benefits of whole-body nitrogen and full-body electric devices.
  • If acquiring the latest generation of equipment exceeds your budget, consider purchasing used nitrogen machines as they depreciate quickly.
  • Navigating the purchase of a cryotherapy machine can be complex, and establishing a thriving cryotherapy business presents its own set of challenges. It’s essential to invest time in crafting a robust business plan and ensuring adequate resources for its execution.

How to Find the Right Machine at the Best Price

To get started, visit our free Cryotherapy Machine Finder tool. It will help you find the best machine within your budget.

We offer a 60-day price match guarantee on selected models, meaning that if you find a better deal elsewhere, we’ll reimburse the difference.

Full Cryotherapy Machine & Chamber Buying Guide

Download the full version of our Cryotherapy Machine & Chamber Buying Guide.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why do electric cryotherapy machines come with a higher price tag compared to their nitrogen counterparts?"

Electric cryotherapy machines are priced higher upfront compared to nitrogen ones due to their newer, safer, and more efficient technology. However, over a period of two years or more, electric machines generally prove to be 20% to 70% cheaper when considering the total cost of ownership.

If both employ the same technology (such as electric-powered systems), they generally share similar cost structures.

However, due to their smaller size, whole-body cryotherapy chambers typically cost less to produce. This is because they require fewer materials and less powerful components, resulting in lower production and operational costs compared to larger cryotherapy machines.

Absolutely, there are budget-friendly options available for those interested in experiencing cryotherapy:

  • Ice-bathing offers a cost-effective means of experiencing the benefits of cryotherapy, though many users may find it a lot less comfortable compared to a dry cryotherapy session.
  • For those mindful of their budget but still requiring dry cryotherapy, purchasing a pre-owned nitrogen cryotherapy machine could be a viable option, with prices starting at $30,000.”
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