How much does a cryo chamber cost?

The cost of a cryo chamber or sauna ranges from $18,000 to $600,000 depending on the brand, type, and location.

Model Price Leasing
XR Chamber $56,500 $1,177/month
Cryo Arctic $75,000 $1,563/month
CTN Cryosauna $30,000 N/A
Cryomed Pro $29,000 N/A
Icelab -110-°C $280,000 $5,833/month
Cryocab $55,300 $1,152/month
Impact Cryosauna $54,000 $1,125/month
The best cryotherapy chamber models & brands cost — in US$.
how much does cryochambers cost

Cryotherapy Chamber cost & reviews

Here are the best cryotherapy chambers that you can buy in 2020. Click on each machine to view our detailed review and customer ratings.

cryotech nordic cabin

CTN Cabin

from $30,000

Full review

XR Chamber

from $56,500

Full review
cryo science full body chamber cryotherapy

Cryo Arctic

from $72,000

Full review
Cryomed mini

Cryomed Mini

from $30,000

Full review
The Cryomed Pro Review

Cryomed Pro

from $40,000

Full review
CryoCab from CryoManufacturing review


from $65,000

Full review
The cryopod costs 76000 usd


from $65,000

Full review
Impact Cryo Review


from $54,000

Full review
Icelab configurations

Icelab -110°

from $280,000

Full review

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Used cryotherapy machine cost

For years, buying a used cryo chamber required more dedicated research time because there were a number of things that potential buyers had to learn to ensure they were making a good investment.

You had to find out its current value and what kind of maintenance it requires. Then needed to learn a bit about the person or company selling the machine in order to assess whether you should buy from them or not.

Used machine Certification

Today, research is a lot easier and far less time consuming. And we have launched our Used Cryo Chambers Marketplace alongside the CCRT Certification that is bared by sellers and guarantees the machine’s condition to buyers.

Second hand marketplace

If you are on a budget, our Used Machine Marketplace is likely to save you a substantial amount of money.

Cryotherapy equipment rental price

In some cases, renting a cryotherapy chamber may be more practical. If you include the potential loss should business not go as planned, renting a cryotherapy machine may be both cheaper and safer. This can go a long way to saving money.

Since January 2020, we welcome cryotherapy machine owners and investors to list their equipment on our rental portal.

Are your business goals aligned with your equipment ?

There is no model out there that can suit every business type or need. We suggest comparing pricing, features, running cost, and operational needs. If you don’t have the budget, consider buying used cryotherapy equipment or leasing one. Use our Machine Finder for easier search.

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Cryo Chambers Financing

Use the following free tool to get an estimate of how much it would cost to lease your cryo chamber.

Update 2020: We’ve struck an exclusive partnership with Brickhouse Capital for U.S cryotherapy machine leasing. Contact us for a complimentary first class service.

We can help you get financing from Brickhouse who is a direct lender offering 100% finance options for the following: Whole Body Cryo chambers – Local cryo devices -Cool sculpting units – Specialized cryo units – Other consumer cryo devices.

Business Tips

If you landed on this page then you are most likely searching for which cryotherapy machine to purchase. Every cryotherapy chamber has advantages and disadvantage. It all comes down to the type of usage that you intend, the installation parameters, and your business goals. 

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In a nutshell, our company reviews manufacturers’ engagement and transparency towards their clients. We guarantee you are purchasing the right equipment for your venture at the right price.

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We test the performance of cryotherapy chambers and saunas under various conditions over a period of 12 months.

cryo chamber cost

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While respecting warranty terms and providing training are essential, proper installation and prompt maintenance are vital.

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