Three Reasons Financing Cryotherapy Machines Makes Sense

When you’re opening a cryotherapy business, choosing your equipment and deciding how to pay for it should be at the top of the list.

There are two primary options for getting a cryo machine: leasing or purchasing. Here’s why leasing your cryotherapy chamber may be the best option.

Keep It Current

The health and wellness industry is advancing rapidly, and some cryotherapy chamber models and brands can become obsolete in a few years. For example, nitrogen units quickly dropped in value during the course of 2022 when newer electric cryotherapy machines came to market.

Leasing your cryo equipment allows you to upgrade on a planned schedule easily. Purchasing requires a significant cash outlay every time you need to upgrade.

Keeping your facility updated with the latest equipment is excellent for member attraction and retention while also differentiating you in your market.

Focus on Value Instead of Cost

The upfront costs for a new cryo studio are significant, so adding that total with the cost of your cryo machine can be pretty staggering. The lower monthly payments of leasing cryotherapy equipment ease that burden.

To keep your costs down, finding a financing institution that can help you consider your financial needs and develop a flexible payment solution that works for you and your cash flow is important.

Save Money on Taxes

While you should verify with your tax planner or accountant, your monthly lease payments for your cryotherapy equipment will likely be tax deductible as an operating expense.

Getting Financing

We provide a best-price guarantee as well as assistance in applying for cryotherapy machine financing.

If you’re still unsure whether leasing or buying cryotherapy equipment is the best option for your business, let us help! Our expert cryo business owners can work with you to choose the best equipment and financing solutions for you.

Brickhouse Capital

At, we work exclusively with Brickhouse Capital.

Brickhouse is a privately funded direct lender with a specialty in aesthetic medicine and wellness equipment finance. Since 2003, Brickhouse has been providing financial solutions to small businesses throughout the United States. They offer small business loans, equipment financing, and equipment leases.

Whether you decide to purchase or lease your cryo machine, we are here to help!

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