Cryotherapy Machine Maintenance

The truth about servicing cryotherapy machines is that issues may arise, but not always require the physical intervention of our engineer. Our servicing offering is all about that! It’s as flexible as it can get.

We provide cryotherapy machine servicing and maintenance

We’ve provided service to a bunch of businesses and we’ve seen it all… really all. During the past 7 years our team has fixed all kind of machines breakdowns and solved a wide variety of technical and operational issues.

Two interesting things we noticed are that most businesses reach out 4 to 7 times per month. And, in most cases, our engineers managed to assit clients remotely — without the need of a physical intervention.

The Cryo Maintenance Serviving You Need

So when we decided to build a cryotherapy machine servicing offer, we’ve decided to include 5 credits per month to address the need of most cryo businesses. Then we’ve added a couple “à-la-carte” items to suit those extra sertvice requests.

Best Value: The Service Package

In a nutshell, it’s a maintenance membership loaded with features you need to boost your business efficiently. 

  • 3 credits per month where 1 credit = 1 issue to resolve
  • Priority support that usually does not exceed 6 hours
  • Industry data to benchmark your business efforts
  • Access to our cryo community forum for a year
  • Best price guarantee for on-site servicing
  • Best price guarantee for parts
  • Cryo spot directory listing

US$ 450 per month OR US$ 4,500 per year 

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Other Services

Machine Installation — US$ 2,500

CCRT Certification — US$ 2,000

Operator Certification — US$ 300

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Who Will Be Servicing My Cryotherapy Machine?

Nawfel Oussedik

Nawfel M. Oussedik

Good question! Building this service offering, we went to the largest and most reliable cryotherapy service provider we know, Rutherford Titan. I personally know how a 30-minute downtime during peak hours can set customers on fire. I have experienced that feeling my self… Joining forces with RT is the way we can guarantee high quality service, great support, and timely response at the best possible cost.

Amir Amirsadghi is the CEO at Rutherford Titan, the largest cryo service company in the United States

Amir Amirsadghi
CEO @ Rutherford Titan

We provide quick response time because we understand that your business cannot be down to generate revenue. So we try to find the solution in order to be as responsive as possible.  

Whether your cryotherapy machine is no longer under warranty or you supplier is not servicing your area due to distance and time zone difference.

FAQ – Cryotherapy Machine Servicing

What does CCRT Stand for?

CCRT is an abbreviation created from the first letter of each word in both company names “Cryo Chambers” and “Rutherford Titan”.

These two leading companies specialize in cryotherapy related services. They have joint effort to provide services such as the CCRT Service Pack & CCRT Certification.

What does a credit stand for?

A service credit represents the right to ask our team to solve one issue arising with your machine. You may use your credits for any number of machines so long as they all belong to the same business.

What happens if you need extra credits?

If you are already a member, you may purchase extra credits at an exclusive member price, US$70 per credit.

Can I still purchase credits if I am not a member?

Yes, you may purchase credits at the following rates and conditions:

  • US$300 for first 3 hours and US$150 per hour thereafter.
  • Since members have priority support, our average response time is 24 hours instead of 6 hours. 
  • Hours are not transferable. It means if we resolve the issue you are calling us about today in one hour, you cannot use the remaining two hours for a new issue arising the day after.

What happens if my issue cannot be resolved remotely? 

The truth is we manage to solve 90% of the issues remotely. If we can’t, we will fly a technician to your location to get it fixed. We will be taking reasonable measures to lower the cost of such an operation and you, the customer, have to settle related transportation costs.

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