The Technology Battle: Electric Vs Nitrogen Cryotherapy Machines

One of the most distinctive features of a cryotherapy machines is the technology involved in order to produce cold air.

The following table sums up most differences between the three technologies that power cryotherapy chambers and saunas the three cold generation technologies available on the market (Nitrogen, Electric, and Hybrid technologies) in terms of Technical Specifications, Customer Experience, Operational Requirements, and Financial Cost.





How it works Turns liquid nitrogen into gas then pushes it in the cryo chamber. Uses liquid nitrogen to reach temperature and electricity to maintain it. Uses electricity to compress air and trigger a decrease in temperature.
Recommended for Limited startup cost. Ideal for new businesses or to introduce cryotherapy. Premium customer care and high-end experiences such as spa or cure resorts. High frequency and number of existing users. suitable for sports complex and hospitals.
Average footprint 4’90 » X 2’95 »
900mm X 1450mm
3’28 » X 5’90 »
1000mm X 1800mm
 13’12 » X 26’24 »
4000mm X 8000mm
Installation requirements Nitrogen chamber installation requirements Nitrogen chamber installation requirements  Electric chamber installation requirement
Therapy Partial bodyPartial whole body cryotherapy Full bodyFull body cryotherapy Full bodyFull body cryotherapy
Mobility On rollers Need dismantling Fix
Bug fixing Fairly easy / DIY Remote manufacturer assistance required Onsite technical assistance needed
Yearly maintenance Not required Not required Required
Monitoring Nitrogen cryotherapy required session monitoring Hybrid cryotherapy required session monitoring Electric cryotherapy required session monitoring
Price range US$42k ~ US$60k US$70k ~ US$85k US$130k ~ US$700k
Variable cost Nitrogen 
~ 7L per session Nitrogen 
~ 10L per session Electricity
 ~ 250 kWh per day
Maintenance cost $ $$ $$$

There is no good or bad, it all depends on your project requirement.

Whether you choose a cryotherapy chamber powered by nitrogen, electricity or hybrid technology, manufacturers offer a multitude of options.

Our team of experts can help you narrow down your choice to the most suitable machine for your specific venture, get preferential pricing and financing.