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Finding the Perfect Location for Your Cryotherapy Business

Many businesses have started incorporating cryo machines into their services. However, the cost of cryotherapy machines can often be quite high, leaving businesses with limited funds for other essential aspects of their operation, such as location.

In this article, we will explore how to find a great location and why it is important to consider this factor when investing in a cryotherapy machine.

Assign a Budget for Your Store

At cryochambers.com we have learned that having a great location is as important as which cryotherapy chamber you buy. And unless you’re independently wealthy or have a wealthy benefactor, you’re going to have to start with a budget.

This budget will significantly impact where you’ll be able to set up your facility.

Your budget will help you answer a lot of questions: Will you be purchasing an empty lot and building your facility from the ground up? Will you be leasing an existing property? If so, how much do you need for renovations? If you have to secure loans, how much do you need? These are all questions you should consider before looking at where your cryo studio will be.

So be honest with yourself when setting your budget. Chat with our professional cryo team for specific advice.

Traffic, Traffic, and Traffic

Finding a place to set up your cryotherapy studio isn’t just about the building, it’s also about the facility’s accessibility.

Keep in mind that whole-body cryotherapy sessions only last 3 minutes, so if you expect your members to visit two or more times per week, you better be close to their work, gym, or home.

And if you’re located in the city center, make sure there is easy access to parking. If it’s off the freeway, is there a ramp close by? Will people walk, bike, or drive to your facility? Is there ample parking, footpaths, or bike storage? Ask yourself, would you commute more than an hour three times each week for cryotherapy?

Determining the accessibility required for your facility before you break ground will help save you—and your investors—some major headaches in the future.

Learn About Your Demographic’s Itineraries

Assessing the neighborhood demographics prior to securing a location is of utmost importance. You need to put your facility in an area that matches your ideal client.

If you’re catering to athletes, being located right by a gym or training facility will definitely help you sell that monthly membership.

Narrow down your target market (city dwellers, middle-aged parents, retirees, etc.) by age, income, and lifestyle. This will help you determine the best place to build, or rent space for, your facility.

Assess the Competition

You need to assess your competition within the area. Is the market overrun with already-established cryo studios? If so, what will set you apart from your competitors?

Doing thorough research on the other cryotherapy facilities in the area will help you determine whether any specific neighborhood is a right fit for your cryo studio.

It’s important to dive a little deeper than just the competition’s location. Assess customers’ demographics as well. If the competitor focuses on middle-aged parents who are looking for a quick boost, and you’re hoping to appeal to the sports community, you may still be able to coexist within the same area.

To Sum Up

You can have the best cryotherapy machine on the market, but if you don’t have a great location, you probably won’t have a strong business. Your location may play a bigger role in the success of your cryotherapy studio than which machine you offer. 

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