Example of a whole-body cryotherapy machine powered by nitrogen

Should You Consider Used Cryotherapy Machines?

Buying a brand-new cryotherapy chamber may appeal to most, but when you look at the numbers, you start to see just how much you could save over time by purchasing second-hand- equipment.

Traditionally, we avoid buying used items because we think about their problems.

At CryoChambers.com we believe you should consider used cryotherapy chamber deals — odds are, it’s a good deal and a great way to get started

Cryotherapy Chambers Depreciate Much Faster Than Cars!

The cost of new cryotherapy machines can be substantial and depreciation even worse. To help put chamber depreciation into perspective, consider what happens as soon as you finish signing the paper on that $90,000 cryo sauna you’ve been eyeing.

  • Before the ink dries, your cryo chamber has lost 5% to 10% of its value, so it is now worth about $54,000. It hasn’t even been used yet.
  • One year later, it has gone down 15%, regardless of how little you use it. Frequent use of your chamber over that first year can reduce the value by as much as 20%. That means one year later, it could be worth as little as $48,000.
  • Three years after your purchase, it is worth less than half of its original value, no matter how little you used it.

By purchasing a 1 to 3 year-old machine, the original buyer has already suffered the worst of the depreciation. Moreover, by purchasing a used machine, you can expect it to depreciate by only an additional $5,000 over the next three years.

Three Reasons to Buy Used Cryotherapy Equipment

First, technology has improved significantly over the years. These machines now last much longer than they used to. The best can often be fully functional for more than 7 years.

Second, buying a gently-used machine can save money while testing the market. Once you are confident your business is sustainable, then you can consider purchasing the machine of your dreams.

Last, we have established a rating system to indicate the actual condition of a used cryotherapy machine. This new system is called the CCRT Certification. Sellers bear the certification cost since it guarantees the machine’s condition to potential buyers.

Finding the Right Cryo Machine for Your Specific Needs

Regardless of the condition, you should do your research and compare cryotherapy machine models.  Make sure that the model you like has good reviews and is reliable before deciding if you want to buy it new or used.

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