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The Cryo Acrtic is a very unique cryotherapy chamber. Using the latest technological advances, each part of this machine focuses on safety, efficiency, and effectiveness. 


Director of sales AT Cryo Science

" Cryo Arctic is the leading whole body Cryo chamber focused on safety, effectiveness and efficiency. "

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Why the Cryo Arctic?

Stepping in the Cryo Artic, your clients are protected from nitrogen vapors while experiencing one of the most comfortable cryotherapy treatments available. Moreover, the Cryo Artic has one of the sleekest cryo chamber designs we’ve seen, including an interior with a dual tone finish.

Premium Customer Experience

Each part of the Cryo Arctic is designed to provide optimal customer experiences. This means you can tailor each session based on your customers’ preferences by setting the perfect time, intensity and reach.

The Cryo Artic provides a lot of space, allowing your customers to move while in the unit. Finally, since every Cryo Arctic unit has a low doorstep so your customers are able to get into and out of the chamber easily.

Temperature Controls

One of the biggest problems with older cryo chambers is that they don’t have accurate temperature controls. The Cryo Arctic series have resolved this issue. This lets you know when your chamber reaches the specified temperature for the ideal experience.

The operators, on the other hand, have easy access to the display of important data at all times. There is a built-in reporting system to help you review all of the data whenever you need it.The Cryo Artic from Cryo Science In Use

The Cryo Arctic is available in Two Versions

The Cryo Arctic has two versions:

  • The Cryo Arctic: includes an auto slider in the window so that the user can customize their session and experience automatically.
  • The Cryo Arctic Lite: allows for the same customized session, but with a manual system to open and close the window as needed.

Both versions have the same futuristic, yet user-friendly interface that includes the full set of Cryo protocols.


Cryotherapy chamber

Powered by

Hybrid tech

Temperature range

-100°C to -160°C / – 212°F to -320°F

Operational features

Connectivity | Countdown | Integrated CRM | Motorised elevator | Online control | Pads elevation | Sound system | Thermal imaging | Wheels | Entertainment screen

Safety features

100% breathable air | Pressure regulator | Emergency shutdown | Heart-rate monitor


24 months

Design & build

902 kg / 1.988 Lb

Dimensions (closed door)

180 x 100 x 230 cm / 70.8 x 39.3 x 90.6 in

Made in

Poland, EU





Materials & fabrics
Interior wall


Exterior wall


Structural frame

Aluminium | Wood


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Cryo Science

As the designer and manufacturer of Cryo Arctic chambers and Cryo Penguin machines, Cryo Science is one of the leaders in the cryo industry. They also develop applications that focus on safety, gaining them a reputation for being among the safest manufacturers of cryo chambers. Their dedication to safety has even earned them the HAZOP review.

They have three primary actions that drive their designs: Adapt, Execute, and Progress. This shows a dedication to constantly pushing for safer, more comfortable, and perfect equipment and applications.

Based in Wroclaw, Poland, they have earned their reputation by following the strictest EU requirements for their facilities. This helps them to ensure that quality and safety is built into each unit, with an eye on growth and improvement.

While based in Europe, they are a global company. Offices and production facilities are also located in North America and the Middle East. This helps them to create stylish units that blend different aesthetics and looks that can please a wide range of customers.

Cryo Science has a reputation for their amazing products, but they have a full range of vertical integration. They can provide expertise in both the retail of their products and industrial gas. Their patents are for machines that provide a whole body cryotherapy experience that is free of nitrogen.

Director of Sales and Market Development

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"Cryo Science is at the forefront of the cryotherapy industry with its whole body Cryo Arctic chamber. Cryo Arctic leads the industry for health, wellness and safety by delivering a true cryogenic experience without exposing clients to nitrogen vapors.

With temperatures ranging from -166°F to -220°F and 4 programs (Beginning, Intermediate, Cryo and Cryo Pro) the Arctic allows customized treatments for each client to ensure optimal experiences. Cryo Arctic was designed and created by leading cryotherapy experts in engineering, design and functionality and is made for high volume use.

Cryo Science includes a limited 2-year warranty on parts and services and is supported by a nationwide network of skilled technicians.

Cryo Arctic meets the highest safety standards and the manufacturing facility has undergone a stringent HAZOP review. Superior software ensures an effective and safe session for every person, from professional athletes to chronic pain sufferers."

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