Cryofan CF-05

The Cryofan CF-05 may be compact, but it is built with safety and efficiency in mind.


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Cryofan CF-05

The compact frame is a result of a more streamlined approach to treatment. This makes it easy to adjust the temperature to as low as -130 degrees Celsius from the 7” touch screen. This same screen is used to ensure that the treatment time is optimized. 

With a long, flexible hose with two nozzles, operators can more easily target either a small or large area to customize treatment.

The smaller nozzle (7 mm) uses less than 1 L of liquid nitrogen for a 10-minute session, making it very efficient and focused on a small area.

The larger nozzle (9 mm) uses a lower temperature, increasing how much liquid nitrogen will be used, but it does cover a much wider area during the treatment.

The device includes a 40-litre Dewar tank

The Cryofan CF-05 is considered advanced for its capabilities and is a part of the next-generation in localized cryotherapy.

Using a stream of low-temperature nitrogen vapor, it allows for a quick and painless method of treating human skin and the tissues directly below it. Though it is most often associated with athletes, treatments are ideal for cosmetology, dermatology, and traumatology as well.

Cold source



Design & build
Made in


Cooling medium





110V or 240V


-130°C / -202°F

User interface

7" touch screen


Ergonomic | Low nitrogen consumption (0.06l/min) | Procedure counter | Quick start-up | Timer | Wheels



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Cryomed has been in the business for nearly 20 years. They’ve been present through the evolution of the cryo chamber industry.

As one of the early companies to join, they have a long history in the business, with their founding back in 2002. Their first device was the Cryosauna called the Space Cabin. They excelled in the design and production of the device, gaining world-wide attention.

Over time, they have learned how to innovate through customer feedback and changes in technology.

Nine years after their founding, they took the next big leap forward when they established the first European Union factory. Five years later, in 2016, they began producing a new model called the Cryomed Pro.

Their most recent breakthrough is the Air Cooled Cryo chamber, which was the first single use unit. Customers are surrounded by cooled air instead of being put in direct contact with liquid nitrogen vapor. The addition of a heat exchanger an help clients to remain in contact without many of the risks of the older models.

Mykhailo Liubchenko, Head manager of Cryomedpro

Mykhailo Liubchenko
Head manager at CryoMed


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