Impact Cryosauna

The Impact Cryo Sauna uses state-of-the-art technology that makes this thermoregulation process effective and safe and efficient, thus upholding the highest levels of quality and protection.


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The Impact Cryosauna

While many cryotherapy chamber designers focus on the unit, the Impact Cryotherapy management team focused on both the unit and the software used to operate.

Called the Smart Sauna, the software provides a simple, user-friendly system that is easy to learn and use. The safety protocols ensure that operators have a complete understanding of the system prior to running their first session.

The Impact Cryosauna designer and operations teams are committed to providing customers exceptional end-to-end support. This requires easy access to the specialized features and services included in each unit.

Installation – Down to an Easy to Follow Process

One of the biggest concerns about any cryo chamber unit is the installation process. The Impact Cryosauna installation process ensures that installation is both quick and safe.

Robust Training

Once a machine is properly installed, instructors begin training the operators. This includes the “Whole Body Cryotherapy Operator Training: Safety Is Essential” course that is provided to every customer and the assigned operators. To produce the best results, the training is conducted onsite.

Following the training, all participants are tested on what they learned. Those who pass the test receive certificates of completion and can begin operating the chambers. Refresher training is also available, as well as videos so that safety is ensures for your customers.

Liaison with Nitrogen Gas Providers

Impact Cryotherapy Review

Dealing with nitrogen gas comes with several unique problems. Impact Cryotherapy offers services to help their customers find local gas companies who can provide the necessary supply of nitrogen gas for the chambers.

The Impact Cryotherapy team also helps know what questions to ask to find the right provider, including questions about fire codes and the Compressed Gas Association, better known as the CGA.


The use of high resolution images and videos makes it easy to market your business’s service to a wider audience. They even help to determine the best pre- and post-installation marketing methods so that you are able to brand and promote your business.

Impact is able to provide support in traditional forms of marketing, as well as providing help in determining the best way to promote your business online.

Service and Support

Beyond Impact Cryo has a team of experts who can ensure that units are properly maintained and serviced when needed.


Cryotherapy sauna

Cold source

Temperature range

-90°C to -120°C / -194°F to -248°F

Operational features

Connectivity | Pads elevation

Design & build

340kg / 750lbs

Dimensions (closed door)

183 x 121 x 177 cm / 84.7 x 51.4 x 70 in

Made in




Materials & fabrics
Exterior wall

PVC and plexiglass

Structural frame



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Impact Cryo

When Richard Otto partnered with Bob Atwood to learn about cryotherapy, they were focused on every aspect of this new, unique process. From financial to technical, they wanted to learn everything they could so that they could see how athletes would react to the potential that cryotherapy offered.

After the success they achieved by taking their prototype to several notable locations, they founded Impact Cryotherapy. To bolster their experience and numbers, they convinced Gene Guertin to join them. From there, they developed Intellectual Property to manufacture chambers and found a sales leader who could get word out about the potential of the new product.

Work progressed with the target for the company to become the gold standard in the cryotherapy industry. To do this, they needed to do more than design, manufacture, and market their product. Soon they expanded to include a full-service team that was able to provide a range of service, such as the following:

  • Business consultation
  • Marketing
  • Manufacturing
  • Project management
  • Training
  • Service and support

Today, the company has earned its position as one of the industry’s leaders. Within just a few years, Impact Cryotherapy has sold more than 360 units in more than 35 states and 7 countries.

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