XR Cryosauna

The XR Thermal Edition is one of the safest, most technically advanced cryo chamber currently available on the market. Manufactured in the USA, it is designed so you can focus on your clients instead of worrying about the chamber.


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Why the Recovery XR?

Once thing is sure, the Recovery XR from Cryo Innovations is built for commercial use. Making it the perfect solution for businesses who wants to add cryotherapy to their revenue streams. There are many reasons you should choose this unit and we have highlighted few of them.

Built for Commercial Use

In terms of energy use, it runs on 110V, making it more energy efficient than most TVs. It only requires just 3 to 4 Liters of nitrogen for each session.

With a point-of-sale kiosk and turn-key operation, the XR chamber is easy to operate. This is because the chamber includes some easy to use controls, such as auto digital data and document storage, customizable point of sale, and tailored marketing materials

With Wi-Fi connectivity, the XR Chambers can be accessed from every location over the web. This includes detailed analysis from individual locations for easier review.

No Assembly Required

One of the biggest selling points is that the XR Chamber is already assembled and ready to install. It can easily be rolled through a doorway up to 36-inches wide, then be plug in for use.

Easy Training

You can quickly and easily train your staff to operate the XR Chamber. The training is required and tied to the chamber. Until training is complete, the unit is non-operational. This is an additional safety measure that ensures that every experience is as safe as possible.

Maintenance is also included in the training because it is so easy to complete.

Built-in Regulation

Each XR Chamber is guaranteed to evenly distribute the nitrogen across the chamber for a predictable experience.

The user’s experience is monitored by more than eight onboard sensors. If something happens or if proper procedures are not followed, the session will end. All of the data for each session is recorded and safely stored so that every session can be reviewed later if needed.

Prevention and Liability

An additional security measure is included in the XR Chamber – dual fingerprint authorization. Before a session begins, the authorization is required by both the operator and user who paid for the session.

To keep the session going, the chamber requires the operator to tap the screen every 30 seconds until the session ends. This makes sure that the operator stays focused on monitoring the session.

Each chamber includes a 3-year warranty to fix or replace the unit. This further reduces your liability.

Innovations Made to Scale

The tools of the chamber are made to manage multiple chambers at a time, giving business easy access to the client data. This lets businesses focus on their clients and sales volume.

With a heavy focus on safety, this is a chamber that allows operators and business owners to focus on the customer experience. This in turns gives the customer peace of mind, so that they are more likely to return for future sessions.


Cryotherapy sauna

Cold source

Temperature range

-145°C / -230°F

Operational features

Countdown | Integrated CRM | Internet cable | Online control | Pads elevation | Sound system | Thermal imaging | Wheels | Wifi | Entertainment screen

Safety features

Built in oxygen sensor | Pressure regulator | Emergency shutdown | Fingerprint authentication | Pulse Oxygen monitor | Fingerprint authorization | Head sensor | Heart-rate monitor



Design & build

360 Kg / 800 Lb

Dimensions (closed door)

239 x 133 x 102 cm / 93,75 x 51,5 x 39,5 In

Made in



CE, GSA, FDA 513(g)


Black and blue

Materials & fabrics
Interior wall


Exterior wall

Plastic / 304 Stainless Steel

Structural frame



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Cryo Innovations

Since its founding in 2015, Cryo Innovations has earned its reputation by becoming a leading manufacturer of the cryotherapy chambers.

The company has designed the XR Thermal Edition Chamber to be among the safest, most efficient chambers on the market. They include several features with every unit they manufacture, including the following:

  • 8+ safety monitoring tools and features
  • Biometrics
  • Thermal imaging

The primary purpose of the thermal imaging is to provide live skin temperature mapping so that the operator can ensure consistent results. Cryo Innovations gives businesses a way of managing a self-contained, point-of-sale kiosk with an easy to use turn-key system.

This includes several safety and convenience features that make the chamber easy to use, including the following:

  • Customized marketing tools
  • Digital Waiver storage
  • Fingerprint authorization

The Cryo Innovation designer and manufacturing teams come from a wide variety of industries, so that differ-ent strengths and weaknesses can be addressed during the design and manufacturing of the product. These professionals have been able to create one of the leading chambers in the industry.

Keith Shneinberg, CEO of Cryo Innovations

Keith Shneinberg
Ceo of Cryo Innovations

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